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Less than a week after the senseless killing of Christina Grimmie another The Voice contestant has been gunned down in Chicago.

American-born Alejandro "Jano" Fuentes, who appeared on the Mexican version of the show in 2011, was shot three times after being ambushed with friends after celebrating his birthday. The violent attack occurred outside his Tras Bambalinas School on Chicago's southwest side.

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

According to The Guardian, the harrowing murder is thought to have taken place after Fuentes got into a car with his friends, before being ordered to get out by an armed stranger seconds later. The man then shot Fuentes repeatedly in the head.

Emergency vehicles were called to the scene but sadly the severity of his injuries meant it was too late to save 45-year-old Fuentes's life.

A haunting video of Fuentes performing as part of his birthday celebrations has surfaced in the wake of his death.

So far, the police have no suspects in the attack and are still unsure of a motive. They are considering the possibilities of a botched carjacking or Fuentes himself being a target.

Friends of Fuentes are holding a vigil and memorial for the singer at his studio in Chicago this evening.

(Source: The Guardian)

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