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If you don't follow Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, you should. In addition to all the Deadpool promos, retweets of his gorgeous wife Blake Lively, and stuff about being Canadian, the Deadpool star is a fountain of fatherhood witticisms. He and Blake have a one-year-old baby girl, James, who will hopefully one day grow up to hack her dad's Twitter account and pay him back for all the ridiculous, irreverent, hilarious stuff he says.

In honor of Father's Day, Reynolds shared this gem about what it means to be a good dad:

Here are 12 more of Ryan Reynold's best parenting tweets ever:

1. Baby James #2's are cold blooded:

2. He already spoils her rotten:

3. The first rule of infant fight club is...

4. On the importance of family vacation:

5. On remembering his own, beloved father:

6. On the importance of "me time" for parents:

7. There's that morbid sense of humor:

8. On being a virgin until age 37:

9. The witticisms aren't just for us. They're for the kids, too:

10. On just how far he'd go for his little girl:

11. He doesn't let parenthood stop him from getting turnt:

12. On helping his daughter find love in the 21st century:

13. This one's just weird:

14. Last but not least, the truth comes out:

His Instagram game is pretty strong, too:

Of course, there's still no topping what he said for Father's Day last year:

We'd buy that book, Ryan!

What's your favorite parenthood tweet from Ryan Reynolds?

You'll find some more Father's Day love from Blake to Ryan in this Celebration Of 8 Awesome Celebrity Dads From The People Who Love Them The Most.

Sources: Ryan Reynolds via Instagram, Twitter


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