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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I'm gonna ask you guys to suspend your disbelief and focus your mental faculties on a ludicrous, yet highly entertaining question: Who would win in a fight between a giant great white shark and a giant crocodile? Here's some appropriate listening material for the topic:

If we look at our most famous filmic representations of each species here — angry mama shark Jaws and the enormous scaly croc of Lake Placid — there is a significant difference in size. Placid is quoted as 30 feet long (9 m), whereas Jaws is estimated at around 25 feet (7.6 m). For the sake of argument, let's put both beasts at the same size in this question, shrinking Placid by around 17% to give us equally sized, 25-foot-long aquatic killing machines, making the question about strength and skill rather than just sheer volume.

The Specs: Strength

Although Jaws has forever cemented great whites as the most fearsome shark in our minds, it has a relatively wimpy bite force for its size. Great whites eat seals — and the occasional human — which are quite soft and squishy, so their bite force only evolved to about one ton PSI (per square inch). To put this in perspective, a saltwater croc has a bite force of about twice that — that's as strong as a T-Rex. If croc can get the bites in, he's gonna fuck shit up.


Sharks have serrated teeth, but they're not built to crunch hard, preferring to rip bits off their prey. Crocs administer a stronger bite and have other tactics such as their deadly roll maneuver, pulling a creature underwater to drown it (yeah, sharks can breathe underwater but this move would undoubtedly confuse them). However, great white sharks have seriously massive jaws, so Jaws could wrap her mouth around Placid, though wouldn't have the strength to break it.


This one's a no-brainer: crocodiles are covered is full-on prehistoric scales that make rhinoceros hide look like satin. They are basically dinosaurs, thick with armor. A great white, on the other hand, has smooth skin — handy for sub-aquatic speed but easily pierced by even a weedy human with a blade.

Other factors

A great white shark is around 6mph faster than a saltwater crocodile, and can also breathe underwater, filtering oxygen from the water through its gills. One vital point in this battle is the vital hit point factor: a croc can still swim even if missing a whole leg, whereas a great white would be utterly ruined if croc managed to bite its pectoral fin off. Neither shark nor croc could kill the other in one blow, but the croc is better equipped to live through a serious maiming.

Given equal sized beasts, my money's on the croc!

I'm not a scientist and this is all intended to be fun speculation, but I'd love to hear ideas from you guys about who would emerge victorious from Shark vs. Croc: the oceanic equivalent of The Battle of The Bastards, perhaps?


Who would win in a fight between a great white shark and a crocodile?

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