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The DC TV shows might be on hiatus right now, but with the huge twist ending of The Flash, and the big crossover event to look forward to, we're far from running out of things to talk about. Then of course there's the speculation over casting — thanks to DC's vast history, even the most innocuous of new characters could be hiding a huge secret.

With Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 bringing in the big Justice Society guns, we're all eager to learn exactly which one of our favorite B-list superheroes will be joining the Legends next.

We all know about Rex Tyler already, not to mention Hourman's good friend Snapper Carr, who's been added to Supergirl Season 2. Clearly, it's all coming together, even if we can't quite divine how just yet. And the newest addition to the Legends cast has very interesting implications for the plot of Season 2.

The Real Man Of Steel

No, not that Man of Steel, though Superman will be joining Supergirl in Season 2. The newest character to join the Legends on their time-hopping quest is Nathaniel Heywood a.k.a. Citizen Steel, a man who is quite literally made of living metal.

Nate got his powers in a battle with the Fourth Reich, a neo-Nazi organisation put together by Vandal Savage. That in itself would be interesting for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, even if the Fourth Reich is only mentioned offhand — this would prove that although they vanquished Savage, his villainy rippled out and created more problems than the Legends could predict, or prevent.

Interestingly, Nate was dubbed Citizen Steel by Power Girl, the Earth-2 version of Kara Danvers. He later joined the JSA All-Stars, a youthful team run by Power Girl herself. Introducing Power Girl, if only as a recurring character, would establish an unusual connection between Legends and Supergirl, especially if Kara eventually meets her Earth-2 doppelganger.

Nate is something of a background character in the DC comics, making him a bit of a blank slate for the Legends of Tomorrow writers. The one thing we know for sure from Nate's addition to the cast is that the Justice Society definitely will be a big part of Season 2. Nate in particular being called to action might hint at an inclusion of the Fourth Reich, which would place the Justice Society in the future of Earth-1, rather than Earth-2 which is their usual setting in the comics.

It's Not Just About The Justice Society

However, although Nate has been added as a series regular, there are other additions to the cast we should pay attention to, as they're not Justice Society heroes.

Recently, a casting call went out for two new characters, who will be series regulars in Season 2. Described as a "Han Solo" type, there's a male character with new super powers (possibly meaning he's a meta-human), who's trying to live up to his WWII hero grandfather. The other character in the casting call is a woman, an African America paratrooper from the 1940s who's out to avenge the death of her comrade.

And finally, there's a hero which DC TV fans should find familiar — Vixen has been added to the Legends of Tomorrow cast for Season 2, but she's the ancestor of the Vixen who appeared in Arrow Season 4.

So what does all of this mean? While the Justice Society may team up with the Legends, it looks like Season 2 won't totally shift focus to this other heroic team. It seems more like Rex Tyler and Nate Heywood will introduce a new mission for the Legends to take on, probably spurred on by that mysterious new villain. And along the way the team will pick up their new allies, who will also no doubt prove essential to the plot. We can't wait to find out how this all ties together!

Would you like to see a cameo from Power Girl in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?

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