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WARNING: The following contains multiple giant, hulking SPOILERS for next year's Justice League movie, garnered from a recent set visit. Proceed with whatever level of Bat-like caution suggests to you is wise.

So here's the thing. A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited onto the set of DC's upcoming Justice League movie — and even managed to successfully make it through the entire day without accidentally injuring any major cast members or setting any props on fire. As part of that visit, I had the chance to spend time with the film's Oscar-nominated costume designer Michael Wilkinson. While there were a whole lot of elements of that visit that deserve attention, there's one in particular that's ripe for a little more immediate discussion.

Batman Is Getting A New Batsuit In Justice League

A new suit that, much like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's heavy armor (above), is evidently intended to replace his regular Batsuit in situations where it simply isn't able to cope. An alternative option, in fact, described by Wilkinson as a tactical Batsuit — one reinforced with "carbon-fiber-strengthened armored plates" and a whole new carbon-fiber-weave cowl, complete with fancy Bat goggles.

It very much seems that Batman is in need of a Batsuit that can offer some of the same protection as the one he used to face off against Superman, but with a whole lot more maneuverability. Which, in turn, suggests we're going to be seeing some extremely powerful yet agile foes in Justice League.

But the reason for the addition of goggles? At some point during the movie, Batman's apparently going to take control of a "new vehicle that he'll need the goggles for" — a moment that, from the sounds of it, will take place in the "final chapter of the film." Wilkinson, who also worked on Snyder's Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was sadly unable to reveal too much more about the plot significance of the suit — and no images of it have yet been made available to the public — but with at least two new Bat vehicles recently revealed, there's a world of possibilities afoot. Including Batman's whole new outlook on life and those aforementioned shiny new Bat vehicles.


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