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(Warning: The following contains multiple giant, hulking SPOILERS for next year's 'Justice League' movie, garnered from a recent set visit. Proceed with whatever level of Bat-like caution that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, there are a whole lot of important things that can be learned on the set of a major motion picture like DC's upcoming Justice League, but perhaps the most interesting to be revealed by a recent visit to the film's London set is this: When next to the actual, real-life, fully-functional Batmobile, even long-in-the-tooth movie journalists revert back to being 8-year-olds.

And yet, as it turns out...

Batman's Two New Rides In Justice League Make The Batmobile Look Like A Go-Kart

Y'see, it seems that Justice League is set to introduce (at least) two new Bat-themed vehicles, both of which put even the film's Batmobile in the shade. Y'see, these aren't your everyday crime-fighting vehicles — they're huge. And, while no images have yet emerged of the duo (both of which were apparently designed for use by the military long before Bruce Wayne started running Wayne Enterprises, and have since been adapted and re-purposed for use in fighting crime) they're both certainly worth describing.

First up?

The Nightcrawler

Nope. Wrong Nightcrawler.
Nope. Wrong Nightcrawler.

Equipped with a harpoon, rockets, cannons and multiple gun turrets, you might think that The Nightcrawler was just the Batmobile's bigger brother — except for the fact that it's a giant, multi-limbed monster (vaguely reminiscent of Wild Wild West's giant spider robot, only smaller and much, much cooler) of a vehicle. With giant metal legs that allow it to grip onto any surface necessary (but tend to leave behind a pretty major impact crater), the Nightcrawler looks set to be the Bat-arsenal's newest big hitter (and is evidently set to get at least one major set-piece in Justice League in which to prove it).

Even it, though, might just pale in comparison with...

The Flying Fox

A.k.a. The Justice League's larger and more lethal-looking equivalent of The Avengers' Quinjet. In other words, imagine a Batjet (like, say, the one above), only with enough room for an entire team of superheroes and more military capability than the average navy. With it often being referred to in early concept art as the "troop-carrier," and depicted carrying a whole lot of the team towards some sort of engagement or another, it seems likely that we'll be seeing quite a bit of the Fox in Justice League. Anyone want to bet we'll see Alfred blowing some stuff up from it at some point?

The big question now, though? (Other than just how Batman has changed since Batman v Superman, and just what his kick-ass new Batsuit can do?)

What do you think?


Which of Justice League's Bat-vehicles are you most excited for?


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