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From the lovable Andy Dwyer to the ultimate Star-Lord, Chris Pratt has owned screens both big and small with his good looks, great comic timing and even better acting ability. Here's to you, Chris! Happy 38th birthday!

1. That time he married Anna Faris...

Chris met fellow comedic actor Anna Faris at a table read for the move Take Me Home Tonight, where their characters played love interests. They married in 2009 and have been giving us all ever since.

2. ...and had the most adorable kid you have ever seen

Their son, Jack, was born in 2012 and is so cute I can't handle it.

3. That time he only ate game he killed himself

This year Chris announced he would only be eating game he caught and prepared himself — we're 22 weeks in now from when he began, I wonder how he's doing?

4. That time he was a wrestler

Chris was an amateur wrestler for 12 years, and even produced a documentary called On The Matt in 2012. He also managed to convince fellow Guardians of the Galaxy co-star and former MMA & WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (Drax) to train him and Anna Faris!

5. That time he auditioned for Guardians of the Galaxy

Speaking of Drax and Star-Lord, check out Chris's screen test from the 2014 movie. The improv is priceless!

6. That time Andy and April made us believe in love

Chris and Anna are 100% perfect, but Andy and April are soulmates till the end.

7. That time he got completely jacked

During his time on Parks & Recreation, Chris Pratt was known for being completely lovable, and fairly rotund. Skip forward a few months and then THAT Instagram photo happened, changing the game and how many of us felt about Chris from then on.

8. That time he was completely hilarious

There's no doubt about it, Chris Pratt is one of the funniest stars in Hollywood. The video above is a little NSFW, but the comedic timing is ON POINT.

Here's to many more years being awesome, happy birthday Chris!

Source: Belfast Telegraph, Cinemablend, Instagram


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