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We've all been endlessly searching for these supernatural (and undeniably awesome) series but they are not there. Trailers have been drawing us in, only to leave us bitterly disappointed that the shows are airing on a platform not quite in our reach. Don't fret though — the time will come. Here are five supernatural shows we desperately need to arrive to Netflix in the UK.

1. The Witches of East End

Witches represent! The plot of this show is similar to Charmed - the family dynamic of sorcery is one that works so well. I think witches are somewhat underestimated in supernatural entertainment at the moment and this could definitely bring something to the table. Sadly, only our friends across the pond can get the two seasons on Netflix at the moment, but with the future of the show uncertain and fans petitioning to renew further seasons, adding it to the UK site could only help the cause.

If you haven't seen Witches of East End, check out the trailer below:

2. The Secret Circle

What happened to The Secret Circle? Brought to us by The CW, which has since given us the likes of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, this show had all of the makings of a series that could have die-hard fans and longevity. A fierce female cast, great effects and unexpected relationships should stand for something, right?

This has been available to stream since 2012 but we are still without it in the UK. I have seen a few re-runs of this on Sunday morning TV but would love to be able to watch it from the beginning.

3. Penny Dreadful

Now this I need to see! Although it has been announced that the third season will be its last, I have wanted to watch this since seeing the Season 1 trailer on TV. I can sense it being a Game of Thrones level obsession — gothic horror, eerie Victorian London and literary monsters is (almost) everything I look for in a binge-watch. All we need is a resident vampire and I'm sold.

4. True Blood

Talking about vampires - Fang Fans - we need this. My entire family was obsessed with True Blood when it was airing on UK TV and never missed an episode. Although it is highly unlikely due to Game of Thrones and apparent rivalry with HBO, seven seasons of True Blood would be the be-all and end-all of Netflix content and would fill a Hemlock Grove shaped hole in my life. I say put your vying to one side and give your international audience what they want - Vamps cannot be competed with and neither can a Skarsgård brother. For now at least, it looks like we will have to pay out to download.

5. Supernatural

Supernatural may be one of the most marathon-worthy shows in existence. Twelve seasons of the Winchester brothers? Yes, please. I confess, I have not watched it from the first season and yet to enter the fandom *horrified gasps* but all the more reason to put it on a platform. The very title is everything that appeals to me in a show. Again, thank you The CW for fulfilling our cravings for everything paranormal and supernatural.

So Netflix, listen up! The UK fans of the mystical and magical have spoken. We will need something new to watch after finishing Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black too (probably in a few more days then.)

Which shows can't you wait to binge on? Let me know in the comments!

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