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Run, Barry, Run!

With The Flash Season Two finale setting up a possible Flashpoint event, fans have been eagerly waiting for an announcement that would confirm our theories, and it seems like our wait is over!

Grant Gustin has taken to twitter to announce that the premier episode of The Flash Season Three will be titled "Flashpoint"!

There we have it, Grant Gustin has just confirmed that we will be seeing a Flashpoint paradox! Whether this is a direct or loose adaptation of the classic Geoff Johns story line, we can finally rest knowing that Barry has well and truly messed up the timeline!

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Gustin toyed with fans online after concealing the title of the episode and only revealed the title once Greg Berlanti gave him permission! Greg Berlanti truly is the man the DC Television Universe needs, but not the one we deserve!

Flashpoint is obviously a direct reference to the Geoff Johns story line, but how much of it will it adapt? It is highly unlikely that we will see Cyborg, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman show up, but will we get their CW counterparts?

It is highly likely that we will see Robert Queen take Thomas Waynes place as Flashpoint Batman, or Green Arrow in this universe. Supergirl will obviously take the place of Superman, how they will bring her into the fold is still a mystery! Ray Palmer is likely to talk the place of Cyborg, while the Amazon/Atalantean war could be replaced with a war between the Thanagarians and Grodd's Gorilla army!

We can now finally rest knowing that Flashpoint will be adapted, but now we have to wait until Comic Con for some plot details and a trailer! How I loathe series breaks!

The Flash will return this October on the CW!


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