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SPOILERS: If you haven't watched this week's Game of Thrones, then turn back now because, y'know — spoilers.

I think we can all agree that last night's episode of Game of Thrones was just about the most satisfying one we've had in quite some time. Even if we didn't get any storyline other than that of Daenerys and Team Dragon before the Battle of the Bastards, so much happened that made it worthwhile: Tyrion FINALLY told Dany that she was being a psycho! She laid waste to the Masters without sacrificing the civilians! Her and Yara had an epic meeting and came to an agreement! And Tyrion finally got to make Theon squirm for making fun of him being a dwarf.

But let's be real, we were all here for the Battle of the Bastards, and it delivered. Littlefinger and the cavalry arrived! Jon Snow, Tormund and Wun Wun (the giant) kicked ass and took names! Jon beat the hell out of Ramsay! And the episode ended with Sansa Stark taking another huge step along her path to becoming a legendary badass by feeding her estranged husband Ramsay to his own dogs. A+ moment of revenge.

It was definitely one of the greatest deaths in the history of the show, especially because both Jon and Sansa each had their turn. But just in case seeing Jon punching the crap out of Ramsay wasn't quite enough for you, YouTuber Ozzy Man Reviews created a hilarious extended cut of the Ramsay face-punching scene, now with 100 percent more bastard-on-bastard violence.

Last night really moved the needle forward on both the Meereen and Winterfell storylines, but it makes me wonder how on Earth the showrunners plan on addressing all the other plots left open with only one episode left in the season. Like Cersei's wildfire plan and where it leaves Jaime. What Margaery is planning, with or without Tommen and the High Sparrow. Where in hell Brienne and Podrick are. Where in Westeros Bran and Meera are, now that they've found Uncle Benjen. Whether or not Arya is now on her way back to Westeros after giving Jaquen the metaphorical middle finger in Episode 8. What the Hound plans to do now. And just what the Night's King is up to beyond the Wall.

Of those storylines, I suspect we won't learn what happens with Arya, Brienne and Podrick, and the Hound until next season, or the Night's King. But what do you think? With only one episode left to go, what plot lines do you want to see resolved?


Which storyline do you want to see in the last episode?


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