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Following the tragic news of Christina Grimmie's death on June 11th at a meet-and-greet, her fans have been expressing their support and sympathies for Grimmie's family through an array of heartbreaking tributes. Among the artists that have publicly expressed their devastation for the untimely loss of the young artist are Adam Levine, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and the coaches of The Voice.

Young musician and actor, Max Schneider (known as MAX), posted the image below the day of Grimmie's murder. MAX has gained popularity through his YouTube Channel where he collaborates with many other breakout musicians, like Kurt Schneider, Alyson Stoner, and Victoria Justice. In his Facebook post he writes that when he first met Christina they both had felt they've known each other forever, showing how loving and compassionate Grimmie was.

MAX recently released what can only be described as a beautiful and heartfelt song in honor of Christina.

"Christina's Song," is a genuine articulation of the artist's feelings for the loss of a peer. From a personal experience, I know losing a loved one so close to your age is agonizing and MAX's haunting lyrics, especially his conclusion that he "shouldn't be singing this song," echo this tragic reality.

MAX posted "Christina's Song" on Facebook this past weekend, exactly a week after Grimmie's passing. He wrote:

For Christina: You were so kind. So loving. We all wish you were still here with us but we pray you're in a better place. Rest in peace Christina. You will continue to inspire and bring joy to all of our lives every day.

He also added that all proceeds from this song will go to Christina's family fund and charity. The GoFundMe campaign that was initiated in order to support Grimmie's family has raised the astonishing amount of $189,851. The extent of support given to Grimmie's family is inspiring.

If you were touched by MAX's tribute to Christina Grimmie, be sure to share the song and purchase it on iTunes as soon as it becomes available.


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