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I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Darcy was and is every girl’s biggest literary crush. But, what is he hiding in his closet?

Many girls— and even some guys— are totally head over heels for Jane Austen’s classic hunk. Mr. Darcy has been loved for years and years, and will continue to be every girl's 18th century crush. Mr. Darcy, to a lot of people, is the epitome of the perfect man: he’s charming, confident, handsome, chivalrous, rich; just about everything about him is so appealing that every girl, since Jane Austen first published Pride and Prejudice has been looking for her own Mr. Darcy.

We’ve loved Darcy for so long, we know him, and we continue to fall more in love with him each time we watch the movie, and because of that, he will forever be apart of our lives and will always be the man we fall back to when life and our relationships gets hard, because to many, Mr. Darcy is not a fictional character. But, do you really know him, or are you just in love with the idea of Mr. Darcy that you see on the surface?

What if I told you that your beloved Mr. Darcy is actually a homosexual?

Would you believe me? No? What if I have proof? Right now, you might be asking yourself, “well what is this so-called proof?” Well thank you for asking, and to your surprise, it’s quite easy to notice it. There are four different pieces of proof that all points to the fact that Mr. Darcy is very much so gay: first, there is his cousin Anne de Bourgh, and his best friend Colonel Fitzwilliam, second there is Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet, third there is Mr. Wickham, and finally, there is his choice of marrying Elizabeth Bennet.

Warning: If you don’t want Pride and Prejudice to be ruined for you, stop reading here!

During the movie, we find out from Mr. Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, that Mr. Darcy and her daughter, Anne, are engaged to be married, and in that instance when Lady Catherine de Bourgh gives that announcement, the camera focuses on Anne's face, and she doesn’t seem very excited. In fact, she looks miserable, and Mr. Darcy also looks less than impressed. Many of you by now might be thinking that Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth and and Anne knows that, but that is far from the fact, because do you also remember that Darcy's best friend, Colonel Fitzwilliam is there.

1. Colonel Fitzwilliam

Colonel Fitzwilliam makes the comment that Mr. Darcy is his “most trusted and loyal friend.” He makes that comment because Colonel Fitzwilliam is gay too, and Darcy and him keep each other's secret. From the movie it was very obvious that Anne was not excited to marry Mr. Darcy, and the whole night they were all together was super awkward, because Anne walked in on Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam. And because Anne is shy, Mr. Darcy and Fitzwilliam forced her into keeping their secret, and to avoid all the awkwardness, Mr. Darcy walks over to Elizabeth, not because he liked her, but because he wanted to have his sexuality remain a secret. However, Colonel Fitzwilliam was not the only man in Mr. Darcy’s secret life.

Seriously. Stop reading if you don’t want Mr. Darcy ruined for you!

2. Charles Bingley

Now we move on to the ever so adorable Mr. Charles Bingley, but don’t you fret, Mr. Bingley is still in love with Jane Bennet, Elizabeths oldest sister. Unlike Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliams love, Mr. Bingley didn’t know that he had a spell over good ol’ Mr. Darcy. Darcy and Mr. Bingley have been friends for years, and Mr. Bingley never even had the slightest thought Mr. Darcy was gay. He just thought that Mr. Dracy’s sour-puss attitude was just his personality, but in reality, Mr. Darcy always has a bad attitude because he is always jealous when Mr. Bingley was looking and talking to women. All Mr. Darcy wanted was to be romantically involved with Mr. Bingley but he couldn’t risk his friendship with his best friend. So, if Mr. Darcy couldn’t have him, he wanted to make sure no one could have him, and this brings us to Jane Bennet.

3. Jane Bennet

Jane Bennet is the oldest and is the beauty of the five Bennet sisters. So naturally, she steals Mr. Bingley's heart the moment he sets her eyes on her, and of course, Mr. Darcy does not approve at all.. Not because of Jane's lack of money, but because Mr. Darcy knows Mr. Bingley is absolutely smitten and will never get over Jane. Darcy feels as if he is going to lose him. Mr. Darcy becomes heartbroken and becomes even a bigger sour-puss to not let Mr. Bingley think something is wrong. However, after a while, the heartbreak from Mr. Bingley is too much for Mr. Darcy to handle, so he does the only rational thing and breaks them up and sends Mr. Bingley to an entirely different city so he couldn’t be tempted by Jane anymore, and hopes of him forgetting all about Jane. Also, because Mr. Darcy didn’t want to lose his relationship with his “trusted and loyal friend” Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr. Darcy lied to him and told them that he broke the happy couple apart because they were “indifferent.” But, after Elizabeth yells at him, and just because he is actually a good guy, Mr. Darcy fixes his mistake and brings Mr. Bingley and Jane back together. Although it again broke his heart, his heart was breaking even more because the man that he loved so dearly was completely lost and miserable. Mr. Darcy would rather his heart broken than hurt the man he is in love with.

Well, you’ve read this much, you might as well keep reading.

4. Mr. Wickham

Judging from the movie, we all come to the conclusion that Mr. Wickham is this nasty, cruel, selfish and heartless man, but he is not. Mr. Wickham grew up with Mr. Darcy, because his father worked for Mr. Darcy’s father. The story goes that Mr. Darcy’s father loved and treated Mr. Wickham like his own son, and Mr. Darcy loved him like his brother, until he learned that Mr. Wickham had other intentions. When Mr. Darcy’s father passed away, he gave Mr. Wickham a good amount of money, which he blew instantly, which then made Mr. Wickham want to run away with Georgiana, Darcy’s sister, and marry her so he could inherit her fortune. So of course, Mr. Darcy, being a good big brother, stepped in and put a stop to it, which made Mr. Wickham resent Mr. Darcy, at least, that’s the story that Mr. Darcy tells. However, the truth is entirely different.

While growing up with Mr. Wickham, Mr. Darcy developed feelings for Mr. Wickham, which is only natural since they spent their entire childhood together. But as they grew up and Mr. Wickham started to like girls, Mr. Darcy became more and more angry towards him, until he hated him. The rejection of love sometimes does that to people. So when they both became of age and marriage was now the next step, Mr. Wickham expressed his deep feelings for Georgiana, and Mr. Darcy went out of his way to spread rumors about Mr. Wickham's character to drive him away. Which he did successfully, because Mr. Darcy is a gentlemen that comes from money, and Mr. Wickham was just a poor boy. Which makes the version of the story Mr. Wickham tells to Elizabeth make completely sense, in which Mr. Darcy hates him because Mr. Darcy’s father loved him more. Mr. Wickham didn’t know the truth about Mr. Darcy, so his reasons make sense to him. As for Georgiana, Mr. Darcy told her his secret about his sexuality, and his love for Wickham, and because she loves him, she broke off ties with Wickham, even though she actually really did love him.

If the last three points didn’t convince you, maybe this will.

5. Elizabeth Bennet

Now about Elizabeth, the classical heroine, the lucky girl who we are all jealous of, that steals Mr. Darcy’s heart. Well, their love story really isn’t that much of a love story, in fact, there really is no love at all. They are first introduced at the party in the beginning of the movie, and they instantly hate each other, Mr. Darcy makes the comment that she is “barely tolerable” and “not handsome enough to tempt him.” Elizabeth later makes the remark that “from the moment [she] met [Darcy][his] arrogance and conceit and [his] selfish disdain for the feelings of other made [her] realize that [he] [is]the last man in the world [she] could ever be prevailed upon to marry.” That doesn’t sound like love to me, so why and how did they end up together?

Mr. Darcy knew that it would be near impossible to be with a man, and keep his social rank and be considered a great gentleman, so he did his best to push away his feelings to find himself a wife that would best fit his lifestyle without making him feel trapped. Because of Mr. Darcy’s wealth, he really could have picked anyone to be his wife, and one of his best suitors was Caroline Bingley, Charles Bingley's sister. Caroline came from money, was beautiful and was looking for marriage also. However, she was too much of a girl for him and she is a Mr. Bingley, and the only Bingley he wanted was Mr. Bingley.

This brings us to Elizabeth. While all talking together, Caroline makes the statement that “a women must have thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages to deserve the world...she must posses a certain something in her air and the manner of walking…” Caroline’s attempt at trying to show off and look good for Mr. Darcy backfired, because after saying that, Mr. Darcy realized she was right, and he didn’t want his wife to possess any of those womanly attributes because he is a homosexual. It was in that moment that he knew the only woman that he could marry and be slightly happy in his life was Elizabeth, because she was proud that she didn’t have any of those attributes. Elizabeth is the only person that he mets that is a tomboy and possess more masculine characteristics. Mr. Darcy also finds her appealing because if he marries her, he will be related to Mr. Bingley and will always have the chance to be around him.

As for Elizabeth agreeing to marry Mr. Darcy, a man that she first loathed, she didn’t have any other options. She was getting older in age and she was growing tired of her family always pushing her to marry. She wanted to be able to choose for herself who she married, and she choose Mr. Darcy at the end. Even though she still didn’t particularly like him that much, she made herself believe that she did. She knew that finding a man that she truly loves, that loves her back was probably not going to happen for her because of her stubbornness. She also wanted to be able to help her family out financially and she knew that Mr. Darcy would have more than enough to take care of her and her family's needs. The movie ends with them engaged to be married, so we can only guess who the rest of their lives went, but I am sure that they had a good life with kids and a lot of riches and learned to love each other. However, guessing from the facts, I think it is safe to say that their love for each other never grew to true passionate love. Mr. Darcy is gay and his preferences will never ever change, so really, he isn't a mean and prideful fellow, he's just sexually tensed.

Believe me now?

Whether you agree or not, it is hard to ignore the facts, there are too many things that point to the conclusion that Mr. Darcy is a homosexual. Mr. Darcy has had so much drama in his life all because of his love for Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr. Bingley, and Mr. Wickham. Even though Jane Austen never came out and plainly stated that Mr. Darcy is indeed gay, you have to remember that this was written long ago in a time that being a homosexual wasn’t as accepted as it is in today's modern society. Although this changes the way that we usually view Pride and Prejudice, this movie is still relatable and is a true love story in a way that sometimes you can’t have the person that you really love. It just shows that life is messy but you have to do the best you can. But, I think we can all agree that gay or not, Mr. Darcy is still a complete hunk that we all fall in love with.


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