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Being one of my first experiences with virtual reality, it may seem pretty biased to say that Raw Data was one of the best experiences I've had with VR games. I played a handful of other VR games during my three days at E3 2016, and Raw Data, while still in development, has something that most other VR games don't: co-op multiplayer.

When I first walked in for my demo for the game, I honestly had no idea what to expect, even though I have heard of the game before. Seeing as I have never played a VR game, I was immediately wowed by how it felt like I was in the environment. The controllers of the Vive also felt comfortable in my hands.

Raw Data involves a lot of real-life action.

Once you have that headset on, you're immediately plopped into the world of Raw Data, where robots will relentlessly try to attack you. Something that I was not used to immediately was having to physically dodge their bullets by leaning and ducking. You can also deflect using the saber, which is a lot easier to use than it sounds.

While the Vive limits your mobility because of the wires hanging from the back of the headset, you're still given a little space to roam around in in Raw Data. To solve movement in the game, you can use one of your controllers to point at any flat surface in range and teleport. This is definitely a step up from other VR games I've played. For example, in Final Fantasy XV for VR, there were only certain points on the map that you can teleport to. With Raw Data, you can teleport to anywhere in range.

It's fun to play with friends!

While there will be a single player mode, Raw Data is totally more enjoyable when you play co-op with your friends... especially when you waste your unlimited ammo trying to headshot your friend with friendly fire off (totally not saying I tried that). In all seriousness, coordinating attacks with your friends and having their backs kind of makes you feel like a badass team straight out of Compton (I went there).

It was kind of sad when I took off the Vive headset. I really wanted to keep playing! I honestly cannot wait for this game to release on Vive later this year. I have never considered purchasing a VR headset before, but Raw Data made me realize that this could potentially be the future of gaming as we know it.


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