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While Duncan Jones's [Warcraft](tag:477059) was received with a mostly indifferent shrug by North American audiences, the video game adaptation was an enormous hit internationally, especially in China. Hardcore fans familiar with the game loved it, while the more general American audience metaphorically shrugged and went about their business without so much as a sideways glance. It flopped in the US, with a domestic total of well under $40 million in two weeks.

"Warcraft" broke box office records — in China.
"Warcraft" broke box office records — in China.

Despite the collective indifference of the North American audience, however, Warcraft has officially become the most successful video game movie adaptation in history, with a worldwide haul of $377.6 million. That's enough to displace Prince of Persia, which was previously the most lucrative video game adaptation of all time. If Jones's movie gets a sequel, we most definitely can look at China as being the reason for it, with the film earning more than $200 million alone in the world's second-biggest box office market.

It will be interesting to see how the Michael Fassbender-led [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) does later this year. While Warcraft was a spot-on adaptation of the game, for the most part Assassin's Creed looks as if it may deviate quite a bit from the source material. Neither approach is right or wrong, as video game adaptations seem to be struggling to find the right approach with a broader audience beyond the preexisting fanbase. Obviously, Warcraft went for huge spectacle, as you can see from the international trailer.


But regardless of how you felt about it, whether or not Warcraft gets a sequel could go either way at this point. It's the most successful video game adaptation of all time and a huge hit in China, but it still hasn't made back enough money to account for both its production budget and the marketing. Who knows what will happen? Hopefully a sequel does get green-lit, but perhaps this time on a smaller budget with a more intimate storyline.

Warcraft is currently in theaters.



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