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There's a theory that "Jack from the Titanic is a time Traveler”, but what if I told you that it is way more complex than that? What if the film The Great Gatsby ties into the story of Jack’s life from the Titanic? There are lots of unanswered questions in both the Titanic and The Great Gatsby that people speculate about. The main question I am going to focus on is how Jack survived the Titanic and became Gatsby.

If you look closely and analyze the Titanic and The Great Gatsby side by side, you will notice how they both tie together. By analyzing these two films, you will come to an understanding of James Gatz’s life story. Just like Gatsby explained to Jordan how everything all goes together and that it all makes sense, I will be explaining to you how all of this goes together so it makes sense to you as well. Now let's begin with who James Gatz is.

In the film The Great Gatsby, Gatsby throws extravagant parties of whom Nick Carraway is invited to. Not knowing who Gatsby is, he states the question “Who is this Great Gatsby?” Nick goes around the party with Jordan listening to many conspiracy stories such as, Gatsby living in all the capitals of Europe collecting jewels; then, being a soldier in WWI. After the war he became an Oxford man. It is not until Gatsby takes Nick on a car ride, that he clarifies how all of these conspiracy stories correspond to one another. After comprehending what Gatsby just told him, Nick goes on to say “everything sounded too good to be true.” Nick's instincts were right, it was only partially true. It is not until later in the film that Gatsby finally tells Nick the truth about himself.

Gatsby came from a dirt poor family and he considered himself a nobody. He was embarrassed of the life he was living that he did not even want to accept his parents. Gatsby believed he was a son of God and that he needed to chase his destiny so, at the age of 16 he ran away to go find his fortune. At age 17 Gatsby found Dan Cody in need of his help. Gatsby noticed that Dan Cody was a very wealthy man. This obligated Gatsby to save his life in hope that he could gain Dan Cody’s fortune. Gatsby traveled the world with Cody looking for jewels. It was not until Cody died, that Gatsby realized he wasn’t going to get any of his fortune that he had hoped for. All of Dan Cody’s fortune went to his family except the jewels him and Gatsby retained through their adventures. Gatsby had the jewels and decided he was going to get his fortune from the jewels they had collected.

After evaluating how much money he could gain from these jewels, he realized that there was one more jewel that he needed in order to be well off. That one jewel was the “Heart of the Ocean.” In the past, Gatsby always had Dan Cody by his side aiding him in gathering specific jewels and therefore, Gatsby realized that he could not collect the jewel on his own. He need a right hand man, that is when he found Fabrizio. Gatsby and Fabrizio did some investigating and found out that a man by the name of Cal Hockley had the jewel. They had been investigating this man for quite sometime.

Once Gatsby saw Cal head towards the Titanic with the jewel, he had to find out a way to get onto the ship as well. Gatsby saw two men with tickets playing at a poker table and realized it was his way in. He convinced the two men to bet their two tickets onto the Titanic. Knowing that he was very good at playing poker, Gatsby was able to win the tickets and Gatsby and Fabrizo were able to get onto the Titanic. When Gatsby was about to get onto the ship, it was in that moment when he realized he needed a new name. He hastily came up with the name Jack Dawson and that is what he went by on the Titanic. While Jack was spying on Cal, he noticed that he gave the “Heart of the Ocean” to his fiancé Rose. Jack made Rose think that he was in love with her in order to take possession of the jewel. When Jack was on the Titanic with Rose, he was asked by Rose to put the necklace back in the safe. What you don't know is that during that time Jack switched the real necklace with a replica. He had the real necklace the whole time. That is how he got his wealth in The Great Gatsby.

Now the question you might ask is how did Jack survive the sinking Titanic? Well, here is how. When Jack realized that the boat was sinking, he met up with Fabrizio and told him to grab an extra set of clothing for the both of them and to stowaway in a lifeboat. Once the lifeboats fell in the water, Fabrizio was to push the people off the boat into the water and paddle away and then later come back for Jack. Now some of you may be thinking to yourself, I thought Fabrizio died from the smokestack? Well, he didn’t. If you look very closely in the film he did not die. When the smokestack fell into the water, it missed Fabrizio and the impact of it pushed Fabrizio off the screen so that we couldn’t see him.

When Jack was in the water, the reason why he did not freeze to death was because he had waterproof clothing underneath the clothing he was wearing. Back in the 1800’s a guy by the name of Charles Macintoch invented waterproof fabric. It was made by squeezing liquid rubber between two fabrics . This is what Jack used as waterproof clothing. Once Jack and Rose fell in the water they were separated. What we did not see is that once there were separated, Jack went and talked to Fabrizio to make sure everything was going as planned. Once Rose thought Jack was dead, he swam away to get into the lifeboat Fabrizio had waiting for him. Their mission was accomplished. Jack and Fabrizio went their way to start a new life with the "Heart of the Ocean" in their possession.

We see their new identities when we watch The Great Gatsby. Jack is introduced in the film as Gatsby while Fabrizio was introduced to Nick as Wolfsheim. The reason why Fabrizio is Wolfsheim is because he is introduced as a “good friend” of Gatsby’s. Also notice that Fabrizio is very fond of hats because in both the Titanic and The Great Gatsby he is always wearing a hat. We see in The Great Gatsby, that Gatsby became a very wealthy man. We see in newspapers that he was investing (his jewels) and that is how he got most of his wealth in spite of the fact that he was an excellent gambler as well.

Once Jack started his new life as Gatsby, he still had memories and feelings towards Rose. Once Jack had to be sent to war, he knew that they could not be together. It was during this time when he met Daisy. He fell in love with Daisy because she reminded him of Rose. Beautiful and came from a wealthy family. Not only that, but notice the similarity between Daisy and Rose. Both of them have an abusive husband/fiancé. After the war, Gatsby realized he was not satisfied with his life. He did not want to live alone he wanted a long lasting companion. Recognizing that he had a history with Daisy in the past made him think that she was the one. It was not until he saw her in the newspaper about to marry Tom Buchanan, that he became very upset. Gatsby sent Daisy a letter and tried to get her back. Being a very wealthy person and full of greed, if you can't have something you want, you will do anything you can to get it. This explains why Gatsby has an affair with Daisy. This also explains why he is persistent and will do anything to get her. He believes that having Daisy is his only chance at having a happily ever after.

We see that Gatsby had quite some experience with boats when he was with Cody and he taught Gatsby a lot. After the Titanic sank he was traumatized from what had happened and that is why he was afraid to swim or go in the water. A very good example of this is a scene from The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is playing golf on Manhasset Bay with Daisy and Nick. In the scene, you can see that they are very close to the dock. Close enough that he could easily get back to land in case it sank. Every time Gatsby goes to Daisy’s house we see him drive his car. Gatsby is aware that Daisy has a dock because he always stares at the green light. Gatsby being a wealthy man, you would expect him to sail across. We as an audience are aware that he sailed around the world with Dan Cody when he was younger. It would have saved him time if he just sailed across to her house. The reason why he did not sail across, is because he would be to far away from land and if the boat were to sink, he could possibly drown. At the very end of the film, when Gatsby has this perception that Daisy will soon be his, he tells Nick that he is going for a swim in his pool. At this part we can see that Gatsby is finally overcoming his fear of water. Just when he starts to have a sense of relief, Gatsby gets shot and dies in the pool. It is as if he was meant to die in the water.

In conclusion, we can see how both the Titanic and The Great Gatsby correspond significantly. Both of these films, explain more than we think about the main character James Gatz. We see that the true James Gatz has changed his identity multiple times to try and gain a better future. What he never learned was the true meaning of life which is, materialistic things do not make you happy instead, it is the people that make you happy. That is why you see it in the Titanic with Rose and in The Great Gatsby with Daisy that these people made him happy. It was not riches that made Gatsby happy rather, it was the love and compassion that money couldn’t buy.

As you can see, The Great Gatsby is the sequel to the Titanic . Now you might be asking yourself, “could this all be true?” You will have to watch both films and analyze them yourselves to determine that.


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