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With the Suicide Squad movie on the horizon, we decided to take a deeper look and rate the top 5 Suicide Squad Members the team has ever seen. The Squad has been around since the glory days of comics, but didn’t gain its popularity until the late 80’s. Over the years squad members have ranked from bad to worse, with many betrayals and deaths (…hence the name SUICIDE Squad.) We based the rating off of the squad member’s contribution to the team. The more positive effect they’ve had on the team, the higher we ranked ’em. So without further ado, lets start the list!

Watch Cool Nerd Show’s Steve Trezza breakdown the Top 5 Suicide Squad Members in the video above. If you aren’t the video viewing type, feel free to read the blogged out version below.

5. Harley Quinn

One of the newest members of the squad, Harley Quinn might be the most well known member the team has ever seen. Harley is unpredictable, intelligent and agile. Being such a strongly written character brings recognition to the team. Most people wouldn’t know who the Suicide Squad were without Harley. Therefore we’re ranking her at 5!

4. Bronze Tiger

A former League of Assassins member and martial artist supreme, Bronze Tiger was once the 2nd in command of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. Tiger has risked his own life to save his commander, Rick Flag, on more than one occasion. He is considered to be one of the top 5 martial artists in the DC Universe and even beat Batman in a fight.

3. Deadshot

Master assassin and fan favorite, Deadshot is one of the squad’s most longstanding members. As a result of his loyalty to the team and expert marksmanship, Deadshot has eliminate most of the Squad’s targets. He is also bilingual which helps the squad in missions to other countries.

2. Rick Flag

Former military pilot Rick Flag Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming the leader of the Suicide Squad (it was the Suicide Squadron back when Flag Sr. was around.) Flag has always shown his devotion to the team even on missions he disagrees with. His loyalty knows no boundaries and we see this when set off a nuclear weapon that took his own life in order to kill a group of terrorists and complete his mission.

1. Amanda Waller

Although she just recently became an official “member” of the Squad, Amanda “The Wall” Waller had been acting as the Squad’s director for most of its history. In the new 52, Waller became the leader of the squad and led the team on several successful missions. Most of all, there would be no Suicide Squad without her and that’s why we’re putting her at number 1!


Who is the best member of the Suicide Squad?

Tell us your Top 5 Suicide Squad Members

The Suicide Squad has had a TON of members over the years and these 5 are the top 5 Suicide Squad Members (in our opinion) that have contributed the most to the team in both the narrative and popularity among readers. Did you think we missed anyone? If so, sound off in the comments below, or hit us up on our YouTube Channel, Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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