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MTV's The Challenge is known for having some of the biggest personalities on television. But possibly none can compare to the fiery Latina that is Camila. From her first appearance on MTV's Spring Break Challenge to her first win on Battle of the Exes I, she instantly became one to watch. It's no wonder that MTV keeps calling her back season after season. With Rivals III being her eighth Challenge (having only missed one challenge since Spring Break), I definitely wanted to ask her a few questions about her time on the show.

Luckily for me, I got that opportunity at Mountain Dew's DEWggro Crag event in NYC last week. After watching her kill it against Jenna, I managed get a quick word with Camila!

I saw you won your race against Jenna on the DEWggro Crag! How was that?

It was a lot of fun! I got a little anxious because it felt like a mini challenge and my competitive side kicked in. But it was really fun!

You've done a lot of challenge so far but out of all the competitors, you're the only one to not come from one of the MTV shows (Road Rules, Real World, Fresh Meat, Are You The One?) Being that you were part of the "Spring Break Challenge Special," what was it like getting that call?

Camila with the rest of Team Susie
Camila with the rest of Team Susie
It was weird to be honest. I wasn't quite sure what it meant. "You mean I'm going to get paid to travel and do competitions? Sure! Why not!?" I never even seen or watched a season of The Challenge before doing the show. But once they told me I was going to travel and everything is being paid for, I was like, "Yeah! This is like vacation!" So showing up and seeing what I was up against, it was fun, it was interesting and I just went with the flow.

What season was your favorite to be a part of so far?

I think my favorites would be Battle of the Exes I and Rivals II. Those were really fun. I had some people there that I really loved with me.

How about your favorite mission or challenge within that show that you got to do?

Oh man! I don't know! There were so many cool ones Anything heights above water I love.

What appeals to you the most about those?

Heights above water really gets my adrenalin going. And it's a total different side of me and my life that I don't get to do unless I'm doing the challenges. I love doing things that are crazy like jumping off off buildings: those are my favorites.

When it comes to these challenges, I remember you one Battle of the Exes I. How many finals have you been in?

I've actually only been to two finals. And I've had some pretty f*****g s****y endings to my shows. I feel like throughout my journey I've had some of the worst things in my personal life happen: my dad dying, my grandmother dying, my Godfather, my cousin. So much has happened every season. Some of them I had no choice like when my sister went in for me. There's so much that I had no control over. It's frustrating but I did mate it to two finals.

Wow that must be so tough. The other night they aired the episode where you found out your grandmother passed away. I'm so sorry for your loss. And for your father and everything else. How do you keep going and push through the challenge with all that on your mind?

Honestly, I think the challenges, now the show over all or being in the house, but the competition side of it is kinda like my outlet. It's where I go and get to do those crazy things and not think about my reality. And I think that's why these shows are so addicting. I get to do things I never thought I'd get to do in real life. And to be honest, after doing these, real life gets to be so boring. So it's really just a great outlet to stop thinking about what's happening in my real life.

So anytime you get a phone call, you're automatically going to be down to do another one?

I don't know about that. That's been the case before but now I have a lot going on. I own a store. I'm producing my own documentary, I'm producing my own web series. So if they call me, as long as it doesn't interfere with my life and the things I'm doing, I'll probably say yes.

Now that you're in NYC for this event, what are you looking to do for the rest of your stay?

I really want to work on my web series. It's all about living the life that matters and doing the things you love and trying new things. I'm kinda trying to challenge myself outside of the show and bring that into my real life. And do things that are challenging. Maybe work with a nonprofit, help the homeless or helping kids; whatever it may be.

Camila has proven herself to not only be a top contender but also one of the most passionate individuals in Challenge history. And with everything that she has been through on and off the show, she has solidified herself as one of the toughest. I have no doubt that she will carry her competitive spirit from the show into all of her other endeavors. I will definitely be tuning into her web series once that gets off that ground. If you want to keep up with everything Camila is doing, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and check out her blog to get an even deeper look into her life.

What was your favorite Camila moment? How about a favorite Challenge moment? Leave a comment!

Just don't piss her off like Bananas....
Just don't piss her off like Bananas....

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