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As we all know, Pixar is very fond of putting Easter Eggs into their films, referencing other movies and shorts they have made. Whether it is the Pizza Planet truck (which has appeared in almost every Pixar movie) or the abundance of Pixar characters that are toys in Boo's room in Monsters Inc., Pixar never fails to hide something fun in the films.

The most recent Pixar film, Finding Dory, hit theaters late last week. As the Internet goes wild looking for the Pizza Planet truck or other Easter Eggs, there was actually one HUGE reference that sat right in front of our faces for quite a few seconds.

Shortly after Dory is taken into the quarantine center, where she meets Hank the "sectopus" she is shown swimming around her empty tank. As the "camera" follows her swimming, you can see a bit of the background of the room.

What appears to be a person's desk is visible during this shot. Though the area is cluttered, there is one extremely recognizable face taped to the wall, especially recognizable for those who have seen Finding Nemo. Can you spot it?

If you can't see it, look to the left of the screen. The setting is dark and murky, so it may be hard to make out, but the picture that is taped to the wall is clearly that of...


In Finding Nemo, Darla was the niece of the dentist, P. Sherman, who took Nemo. The dentist intended to give Nemo as a gift to Darla, even though she killed every fish he ever gave her almost immediately.

But there is a confusing bit. The dentist in Finding Nemo lived in Australia, yet the picture of Darla in Finding Dory is in a marine center in California. I'm no master of geography, but I do know that Australia and California are NOT close to each other at all.

So how is this possible?


Well, there are two possible solutions. First, Pixar may just be doing what they do best: throwing random Easter Eggs in their movies for no reason whatsoever. This is actually unusual, because they avoid breaking the continuity with their Easter Eggs as much as possible and will rarely reference previous films in the same franchise.

It would be unlikely that this relative is the parent of Darla when you take Finding Nemo into full context. Nemo was supposed to be given to Darla as a birthday present after she got her teeth cleaned. If Darla's parents did live in California, flying their daughter all the way out to Australia just to visit the dentist and get a fish she would immediately kill would be a terrible way to celebrate a birthday.

It is also unlikely that the marine biologist was a distant relative of Darla's, as that is a rather specific picture. As the fish is dead in the picture, no one in their right mind would hang that picture of Darla — except for one person.

The marine biologist is actually P. Sherman himself!

P. Sherman loved his niece. He loved her so much that he kept the picture of her in his office when he was a dentist. Now, even though he is a marine biologist, he still keeps her picture up. The picture hangs without the frame this time around, which makes sense as the frame became cracked in Finding Nemo after Nigel the pelican knocked it down.

It actually makes total sense that P. Sherman would go onto become a marine biologist. As most dentists will tell you, it is not the best-paying job. And, based on the amount of scuba gear he had on his boat and his enormous aquarium, it is fair to assume that he was aspiring to one day work in a marine center, and by the time Finding Dory occurs, he finally accomplished his dream.

This actually adds a lot of irony to the post-credits scene of Finding Dory. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Finding Dory's post-credit scene!

For those who stayed around until after the credits, you will know all of P. Sherman's fish, who escaped the aquarium at the end of Finding Nemo, were captured by the marine center staff.

Since they were all stuck in algae-covered plastic bags, they would be taken into the quarantine center. And who works in the quarantine center? P. Sherman himself — their former owner. Now that is ironic.

I could be grasping at straws here, but really, this makes a lot of sense. No other relative of Darla's would hang that picture of her holding a dead fish at their work, especially in an area meant for keeping fish alive — unless the marine biologist was one of Darla's parents (which is unlikely). P. Sherman himself is the only person who it could possibly be. It seems he too has finally fulfilled his dreams.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Was that actually P. Sherman?


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