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Marvel has done an amazing job with its Netflix series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. We all know that Marvel is lining up The Defenders, a team that consists of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. What we don’t know is who the main villain will be. Luckily for us fans, it has been rumored that the demon Mephisto might be the antagonist.

Why Mephisto?

Having Mephisto in the MCU would make sense, given the fact that Marvel and Netflix are moving toward their next phase of shows with Iron Fist, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight. Incorporating such a villain would pose a new, supernatural threat that we have yet to encounter in the MCU.

We've gotten a taste of supernatural elements in Daredevil Season 2 and the first season of Jessica Jones — what with the zombies and a mind-controlling weirdo. By including these elements, Marvel accomplished what they were trying to do (ease these supernatural elements into the MCU), and it seems to have begun with the Netflix side of the things. It would also be in keeping with the upcoming release of Doctor Strange this winter, which exhibits many mystical elements. This might very well be Marvel testing the supernatural waters with fans.


Bringing Mephisto to the MCU would help open a gateway for newer heroes such as Ghost Rider, Blade and Moon Knight. If they were to bring in Mephisto and decide not to bring in Ghost Rider and Moon Knight, it wouldn’t make sense. Marvel has received fairly consistent criticism for the villains in their cinematic universe, but they’ve done very well with the TV antagonists. Bringing in a huge villain such as Mephisto, could continue this trend.

Though nothing has been confirmed, I wouldn’t mind seeing this rumor come true. I guess we're just going to have to wait and see.

Luke Cage is scheduled to premiere September 30, 2016 on Netflix with its first season. Check out the first promo:


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