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James Bond is arguably more famous for his taste in martinis than he is for his badass gadgets and cringeworthy one liners, but could his distinctive order be more to do with his status as a spy as opposed to some particularly finicky tastes?

Reddit user Braska_the_Third has came up with a simple but totally plausible theory about why Bond is so religious about slurping down his signature cocktail: To identify himself to local informants who happen to be in the vicinity.

When you think about it, it totally makes sense. Although Bond notoriously also goes around telling ever Tom, Dick and Harry that his name's "Bond, James Bond," it's totally plausible that informants are trained to identify a signature phrase that can be used by multiple people instead of individual names.

According the the theory, if Bond asks probing questions without ordering his particular drink the informant plays dumb and if someone orders it but doesn't ask any of the expected questions, the informant ignores the false positive and doesn't offer up information. After all, maybe some people just like crap martinis!

While there's not much more to it that this uncomplicated idea, sometimes simple in best! I think it definitely works better than the codename idea.

Do you think that the James Bond martini theory makes sense?

(Source: Reddit)


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