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Pixar fans know all too well how many Easter Eggs, cameos and sneaky references can be found in every new movie — same goes for Disney, who included plenty in the recent Zootopia. While the most famous ones are the Pizza Planet truck and the Luxo, Jr. ball, there's always enough sneaky additions to get us wondering how much all the Pixar movies actually share a common universe.

For the freshly released Finding Dory, you'd obviously expect a lot of appearances by the characters from the prequel, Finding Nemo, on top of those who are still part of the story. But when you realize the adventures of the little clownfish and his dad actually date back to 2003, there's one issue with bringing back Nemo: the age of the voice actor. Still, Pixar brought him back! Did you spot him?

The Original Voice Of Nemo Makes A Cameo In Finding Dory

Nemo in 'Finding Nemo,' duh / Disney Pixar
Nemo in 'Finding Nemo,' duh / Disney Pixar

Alexander Gould was 9 years old when he lent his voice to Nemo, and he's now 22. Since there's only one year between the stories of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, 12-year-old Hayden Rolence was cast to play Nemo in the new movie, but that doesn't mean Gould wasn't able to come back.

He actually makes a small cameo as Carl, a truck driver toward the end of the movie — to avoid some mild spoilers, let's not explain what happens in that truck scene until we've all seen it.

Have You Seen Darla?

Darla in 'Finding Nemo' / Disney Pixar
Darla in 'Finding Nemo' / Disney Pixar

Another major cameo is made by Darla, the little girl from the first movie who seems to live for terrifying fish — notice the one she's holding in the frame above is dead? A picture of her can be briefly spotted through the side of Dory's tank, but it's up for debate whether that establishes a clear connection between the marine biologists of Finding Dory and the dentist of Finding Nemo. After all, the former works in California and the latter has set up his office in Australia, so does Darla have family across the globe or is this just a sneaky reference to mess with our brains?

Keep an eye out for more Easter Eggs when you get the chance to see Finding Dory, which has been breaking records stateside ever since it came out June 17.

'Finding Dory' / Disney Pixar
'Finding Dory' / Disney Pixar

Have you noticed any cool Easter Eggs in Finding Dory?


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