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Demi Lovato said sayonara to her Social Media accounts — for the most part. Yesterday, the star shocked all her followers by tweeting the announcement of her departure from Twitter and Instagram.

Why did the star decide to keep her Snapchat account? Fans can only comment on snaps if the artist allows it, giving more privacy and less haters. It is more of a broadcasting type of social media app than a two-way conversational platform.

This way fans can still take pleasure in following Lovato's lifestyle without victimizing her with unsupportive comments. The star has said nothing of her intentions with her Facebook account, which is still live but has not been updated since her announcement.

Demi Lovato Snapchat
Demi Lovato Snapchat

In a string of tweets, the celebrity expressed her annoyance with the manner in which people take her words so seriously. If her followers are not true fans, then why do they bother doing it in the first place?

The activist revealed her disappointment in the topics people choose to pay attention to. Lovato, who has publicly struggled with bipolar disorder, started her own charity to cater to those who can't afford mental health care. Naturally, she was upset when focus was directed on meaningless gossip as opposed to her serious and meaningful cause.

Lovato has not yet deleted her accounts, but will be inactive going forward. Another reason for her separation from these Social Media platforms may be from the negative blowback of calling out Mariah Carey's rudeness via Twitter. She has had several Twitter feuds in the past, including one with Taylor Swift regarding the Ke$ha scandal.

Demi Lovato is not the first to stand up to cyber-bullies, as Stephen Amell recently accused haters of not being "real fans." People often forget that celebrities are real people too and being unnecessarily mean just because you can hide behind a screen isn't justified.

Would you remain active on Social Media if you were in Demi Lovato's shoes?

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