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Time for a little Game of Thrones time travel — and no, not the Bran Stark kind. For this little fan theory, we are going waaaay back to Season 1 and the very first episode "Winter is Coming." In the aftermath of the current season's shocking "Battle of the Bastards," new evidence suggests that the Curse of King Robert Baratheon was placed on the Stark family back in 2011. Thank actor Mark Addy and his touch of death.

King Robert might have only lasted until Episode 7 (meeting his demise at the tusks of a boar), and from there on out the proverbial shit really hit the fan. Reddit user NANAs_mic points out that when the Lannisters first arrive at Winterfell, upon greeting them the doomed king only touches a few of the Stark family lineup. Given Rickon's death last episode, it means that all those who the king touched met a similar fate to Baratheon himself. Let's check it out...

Nice To See You Again, Ned — Oh Wait

Catelyn, You Look Lovely! Scratch That

Robb, What A Strapping Lad You've Become — Oops!

Ahh, Little Rickon! Never Mind

Here's the scene in full, in case you missed it.

Who's Next?

We all know that super-bitch Cersei Lannister tended to avoid the touch of her husband, and that he was too busy getting drunk and impregnating whores to get it up for her. But could Robert's curse also spell curtains for the queen mother?

It is safe to assume Robert touched his "children" — Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen — and two of them are now dead, too. I have already theorized who will kick the bucket in next week's finale, with both Tommen and Cersei making that list. A case of coincidence, or did the great Robert Baratheon doom half the Starks and his own brood to an early grave? Thank the Lord of Light he didn't touch Jon Snow; I don't think we could cope with that again. But justice is swift in Westeros, and I guess that boar got its revenge on King Robert.

Spooky coincidence or George R.R. Martin's great plan? Sound off below!


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