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It was big news when horror fans heard that the new IT movie had cast its Pennywise the clown in Bill Skarsgård, but now another cool detail about the new adaptation has slipped out. Inquisitr reports that the homoerotic elements of Stephen King's IT novel that were omitted from the 1990 movie will be included in the upcoming reboot.

Bully Henry Bowers appears in the 1990 IT adaptation (played by Michael Cole and Jarred Blancard) but in the novel, he is manipulated into sexual acts by fellow bully Patrick Hockstetter. It's a shame that Hockstetter was not fully included in the original 1990 IT movie, as he's a true psychopath and a great character.

Owen Teague will play IT novel character Patrick
Owen Teague will play IT novel character Patrick

In the IT novel, Patrick Hockstetter becomes sexually aroused when he murders his baby brother, and gives a hand-job to bully Henry Bowers, telling him, ''You liked it.'' The sexual element complicates the already strained relationship between Henry and Patrick, and could add an interesting dimension to the 2017 IT reboot.

Taking the role of dangerous killer Patrick Hockstetter in the upcoming 2017 IT reboot will be Bloodline actor Owen Teague. Perhaps we'll get a nightmarish exploration of sexuality like A Nightmare on Elm Street 2? Part of the reason that IT is great is that it's about fear itself, both real and imagined, and adding more real-world terrors by increasing the involvement of the bullies of Derry seems like a great idea.

The IT reboot hits theaters September 8, 2017. Until then, happy showering!

What do you want to see in the 2017 IT reboot?

Source: Inquisitr, Youtube


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