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I, myself am guilty of theoretic lunacy as far as GoT is concerned.

That face you make when you hear another GoT theory
That face you make when you hear another GoT theory

Up until the recent “Battle of the Bastards” episode, the show has been extremely lackluster, or so it seems. A few decent episodes here and there surrounded by filler that bounced from story to story never giving the viewer a chance to grasp anything happening. But perhaps all the complaints, the problems people have expressed, derive from something deeper than bad writing/production. Perhaps what is deemed to be somewhat of a failure has to do with our own imaginations running beyond wild. The fan theories and rumors seem to have created an alternate story line in our own minds with nothing but fan pleasing perfect scenarios. Some of these theories are so good one would swear they came from the mouth of George R.R. Martin himself. Oftentimes when you build something up so much in your mind, anything less seems irrelevant. Let's take a look at some of the greatest rumors to come forth but never materialize:

Arya Stark and The Many Faced God of Rumors

Much time was invested in Arya Stark and her journey toward becoming one of the show's greatest badasses. Week after week we tuned into to see the young Killer in the making hone her skills and learn the ways of the Faceless Men. We watched her suffer for her disobedience, train randomly in stick fighting, and work toward completing missions tasked to her by Jaqen H'ghar. The story seemed to travel in circles with no real progression that the rumors began to run wild. Once she was stabbed people began to theorize it wasn't Arya, but Jaqen in disguise. Then others theorized it was in fact Arya, but before she was to meet her demise her old pal Syrio Forel would come to the rescue, slaying the Waif. What transpired was far less awesome with Arya taking a stand and taking out the Waif off camera (Don't get me started on that blunder). With the realization that she will always be Arya Stark she decides to set sail back to Westeros. Full circle from how her journey began. Boring? Or is it? Could it just be that those theories of Jaqen wearing an Arya mask or the return of fan favorite Syrio Forel were just so damn awesome it made anything less seem a bit petty in comparison? It might be time to re-watch this season now knowing the theories and rumors never came to pass.

Clegaynebowl of S#!t?

The Mountain vs The Hound. Who the hell wouldn't want to see the hulking Mountain battle to the death with his burger faced brother The Hound? After the rebirth of The Mountain and Cersei set to enlist trial by combat everyone and their mother just KNEW that The Sparrow would select The Hound as his champion. As the trial became more eminent along with the reintroduction of a reformed hound hanging with a religious group we just KNEW that s#!t was about to get real. That was until The Hound ended up on a path pointing him far off in the opposite direction of what we hoped and sensitive King Tommen outlawed Trial by Combat. Quite possibly the most prolific theory of the show brutally gunned down before our very eyes. Could it still happen? There still may be hope, but one thing is for sure is that it won't be this season. So why all the talks of Trial by Combat? To tease us? What was the purpose of The Hound returning? Was it merely to bring him back with no greater purpose than to please the fans? The theory was perfect, but the theory died, and so did some of the love for the series. That is until more insane theories and rumors begin to take shape for next season.

Lady Stoneheart

Here is the most simple yet complex situations the series has mustered up thus far. Lady Stoneheart should have been included in the series, but the producers felt otherwise. Since the neglect of this character the theories and rumors have spiraled out of control only to be trumped by the infamous R+L=J theory. There have been endless theories and supporting story lines that lead just about everyone to believe she would be making an appearance in one form or another. Many claimed that Sansa would take over the role and seek out revenge for her family. Some believed that Arya would in fact use her Faceless skills to wear a mask of her mother to terrorize the many names on her list. But once again none came to fruition and the inclusion of Beric Dondarrion seemingly hammered the final nail in the coffin. So what was the purpose of The Hound coming into contact with the Brother's without Banners? Why was Brienne sent to Riverrun? Was the Jaime and Blackfish story really necessary? What about Mr. Frey and his taunts of having her throat slit and the butchering of her family? Was this once again to build up hype off the tears of fan theories or is there something more in the works? Personally, I think we are all being duped into believing she won't make an appearance, when in fact she will. With the Walder Frey and Jamie celebrating their victory in Riverrun I have a feeling that their little party will be crashed by none other than Lady Stoneheart herself. It has to happen, otherwise why even include them in the finale? Perhaps I'm suffering from Theoryitis, setting myself up for disappointment.

Speaking of R+L=J

We have been teased with this theory since the beginning of time, no more so than this very season. We were given rare glimpses into the past that lead us to believe we would finally receive the answers we so desperately sought. Just when we thought we were going to receive them, the show moves away from that story arc entirely. I totally get why they are making us wait. But that doesn't make it suck any less. Of course we will eventually learn the truth, but I wouldn't expect it to come in this seasons finale other than a slight tease at the very end of the episode. Don't forget that this is Game of Thrones we are talking about and what we are hoping to happen may not necessarily come into play. It's a theory that is so built up at this point that I wouldn't be surprised if we over looked the obvious and once again created a perfect scenario in a world where imperfection reigns supreme. What if it turns out that Jon isn't in fact the child of Rhaegar and lyanna, and that the secret Leyanna shared with Ned was something entirely different? That sounds pretty horrid, but it's not entirely impossible. One thing GoT has done well is prove that they are awesome at going against everything we expect.

That moment before another theory falls short
That moment before another theory falls short

And endless sea of fans, myself included, have expressed disappointment with this season. It stumbled along with moments of extreme boredom, pointless story arcs that went nowhere, and limited character development as it flopped from story to story never truly giving us deep moments to grasp onto. Are all the shortcomings the fault of not having another novel from George Martin to lean on? Are the show runners lost without source material? Or has our vivid imaginations simply gotten the best of us? Could it possibly be that we molded such stellar theories, perfect scenarios and stories that we created unreachable expectations? With all the main theories now seemingly debunked it may just be worth it to re-watch the previous episodes with lower expectations.

Bonus Theory

Sir Davos has finally learned the truth that The Red Woman burned Princess Shireen. He will convince Jon Snow that she is in fact the devil, responsible for such horrible atrocities, thus sentencing her to death. In attempt to save her own life she will resurrect Ramsay Bolton to help her kill the onion night and enslave Jon Snow. Ramsay will be just as sadistic but with the majority of his face missing, unable to speak as he tortures all those that have wronged him. If this doesn't happen, I will renounce my love and never watch a single episode of GoT again. See what I did there?


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