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(Warning: The following contains mild plot SPOILERS for DC's forthcoming Justice League movie, as well links to far more substantial ones. Proceed with whatever level of caution your wise English butler suggests is wise...)

Now, a few days back, word started to float around the interweb that Amber Heard - previously announced to be playing Mera in DC's currently-filming Justice League - was set to have the role taken away from her. Now, with the basis for that speculation largely being the controversy surrounding a domestic abuse case (and what would thus be unsurprising related weight loss), many took that rumor with a massive pinch of salt - and yet it hasn't quite gone away.

As it turns out, though...

Amber Heard Is Definitely Still Appearing In Justice League

Or, at least, if she isn't, someone should probably tell the film's producers that.

Y'see, during a recent set visit, Heard's role as the Atlantean Mera was not only repeatedly discussed by the likes of producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder and costume designer Michael Wilkinson, but much mention was also made of her being perfectly suited for the role.

Now, of course it's entirely possible that some of the leading creative figures behind the project have been misinformed, or were intentionally misleading us - after all, tricking journalists is both fun and often prudent - but it seems far more likely that Warner Bros. is not, in actual fact, considering dropping Heard from Justice League, and that those aforementioned rumors are in, fact, just that, and nothing more.

Though, seeing as my powers of prediction are roughly the same as those of a magic eight-ball, don't be entirely shocked if I'm completely, completely wrong about that one. Though probably not about this one.

Here's hoping it works out, though, since the bad-ass sounding role of Mera - described by Wilkinson as a being both a "warrior and sorceress" in the movie - seems like exactly the sort of big, entirely non-personal-life-related break Heard could use right about now.

What do you reckon, though?


Are you rooting for Amber Heard to stay on as Mera?


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