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(Warning: The following contains both major potential SPOILERS for DC's forthcoming Justice League movie, and speculation as to who may cameo within it. Proceed with whatever level of caution your wise English butler suggests is prudent...)

Now, a whole lot of major revelations were unearthed during a recent visit to the Justice League set - not least those relating to Batman's whole new approach to life, and Superman's ultimate fate - but for the most part, they tended towards the big, abstract and thematic. For more specific plot details and casting, we may just have to wait a while longer.

Except, of course, that...

We May Already Know The Identity Of A Comic-Book Favorite Who'll Be Cameo-ing In Justice League

Specifically, from the sounds of it, we might just be seeing a cameo appearance from one of The Flash's most fan-beloved supporting characters: Iris West.

Y'see, producer Deborah Snyder was at one point asked outright whether or not we would be seeing Iris appear in the movie - and she responded with both precisely the sort of pause that tends to accompany a question that you're unable to answer honestly, and a carefully worded response that didn't directly address the question:

"There might be some cameos of people."

Which, while a long, long way from official confirmation, sure did come across a whole lot like a tacit acknowledgement of the possibility - albeit nothing more - of an appearance from Iris West.

Which, what with her growing stature within The CW's The Flash - as played by Candice Patton - would...actually make a lot of sense. Not least because the gloriously geeky take on Barry 'The Flash' Allen that Ezra Miller seems set to bring to the screen would seem a natural staging ground for, say, a little unrequited love?

After all, everyone's running away from something...

Could Barry's something be that he doesn't know how to tell Iris West how he feels about her? It certainly seems a fraction more possible than it did a few days ago...

The big question now, though?

What do YOU reckon?


Will we see Iris West in Justice League?


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