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Justice League: Part One, is currently filming in London. The superhero epic will unite some of DC's biggest heroes, such as Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman in live-action form for the very first time. So far, aside from casting announcements, the film has been shrouded in mystery. One of the biggest ones so far has been Willem Dafoe's character. Who is he? Is he a good guy? A not-so-nice guy (also known as a "bad guy")? Well, we now have an answer.

Over the past weekend, Warner Bros. welcomed members of the press to the Justice League set. This brought a wave of huge reveals for the upcoming film that we've covered here in and One of the biggest reveals was Willem Dafoe's character, who's no longer a mystery. The talented actor will be playing Vulko!

Ok, for the 98% of you who just went "Who?", Vulko is Atlantis' most prominent political and academic figure. He's been a doctor, commander and... King. Vulko was first introduced in The Brave and The Bold #73 in September of 1967, where he helps Aquaman and The Atom in keeping microscopic invaders away from a single drop of water.

Having been friends with Aquaman's mother and at the time, an advisor to King Trevis, he was present during Aquaman 's birth. The future monarch was going to be cast out of Atlantis because of his blond hair; - a feature considered a deformity in Atlantis - Vulko argued against it to no avail. Many years later, he befriended an adult Arthur Curry, who, after becoming King of Atlantis, pointed him as his regent.

Also, remember when Aquaman's hand was eaten by a piranha and replaced his missing limb with a hook? Well, Vulko was the one to give it to him.

During the events of Infinite Crisis, Vulko, alongside many citizens of Atlantis, was murdered by The Spectre, who was convinced that the source of all evil was magic. The spirit of vengeance was going after Atlantean sorcerers, a title Vulko held at the time.


In his reintroduction in the New 52, he was an Atlantean advisor, who, after failing to prove Ocean Master murdered his mother and the villain's followers tried to arrest him, escaped and started a new life on the surface.

He was responsible of explaining to an inexperienced Arthur Curry about his heritage. After this, he orchestrated a war between Atlantis and the surface world to force Aquaman to take the Atlantean throne from the villain Orm. This event, of course, was ridden with tragedy, making Vulko responsible for hundreds of deaths.

After the battle, Vulko explains his motivations to Aquaman and reveals he wants his life back in Atlantis. Aquaman, enraged by his despicable actions, takes Vulko in for an Atlantean trial.

So, you are all up-to-date with the now not-so mysterious Justice League character. I am really curious about his portrayal due to the casting of Willem Dafoe. Will he gain weight for the role and shave his head or will this be a different interpretation of the character like Ezra Miller's Flash?

Either way, I am really happy with the casting. Dafoe has got great range as an actor and can bring the nuance necessary for this troubled and sometimes ambiguous character.



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