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From threats of running for President and suing GTA 5, to converting to Islam and fighting werewolves, the bizarrities of Lindsay Lohan's colorful life have become a dime-a-dozen post-Mean Girls. Now the actress — whose Instagram feed is usually brimming with "inspirational" quotes and interesting Dubsmash renditions — has taken to social media to post a baffling tribute to Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin.

The 27-year-old star tragically passed away this Sunday in a freak accident which left him crushed between his car and his home's security gate in San Fernando Valley. Yet according to Lilo, it's Hollywood that's really to blame for his passing. Posting a screenshot of breaking news headlines to her followers, Lohan captioned with a lengthy description that slammed the entertainment industry.

"This is the result of ," her confused post began which would lead readers to assume that she didn't actually know how her "friend" had died, as one commenter points out:

“He died because of a car accident. Car accidents can mean anything having to do with a car. It’s horrible this young man died from a terrible accident. But don’t put the blame on something it has nothing to do with if anything being in the spotlight gave him the opportunity to have a good life.”

To be fair though, it's hardly surprising that she would jump to this conclusion given her experience of fame, don't you think?

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