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It's finally happening! After numerous petitions, attempted fundraising efforts and general begging (and that's just from me!) it appears as if the collective hopes and dreams of fans have been answered and a sequel to 2012's Dredd is finally coming.

Now calm down, I know every fan would have already been tricked by similar stories doing the rounds in the past. But this is the real deal. At Denver Comic Con over the weekend, Karl Urban, the man who brought Judge Dredd to life on the big screen, answered a question about whether he would return for a sequel for the right money, even if the script was bad. He first joked about his need for a new house, before confirming:

"Yes. 'Dredd 2' is in development."

And that's the real deal, folks. For people who've stumbled across this article without a notion of who Judge Dredd is, here's a recap of his backstory.

A History Of Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd isn't a part of Marvel or DC Comics (usually), which can make it pretty difficult to get the name recognition he deserves. He has been around long enough to build up a lengthy history, having debuted in 2000AD Issue 2 in 1977. Dredd lives in an apocalyptic version of the US in the 22nd century, where humanity has gathered into mega-cities to escape the irradiated wasteland that most of Earth has become. Instead of policemen, the rampant crime rates demand judges, an order of powerful lawmen who act as judge, jury and executioner to control the criminal elements of Mega-City One. Dredd is the most ruthless, loyal and terrifying of the judges, and as such is challenged by those who seek to destroy his mega-city.

Urban's take on the character in Dredd can only be described as the definitive Judge Dredd. It was incredibly loyal to the source material, including classic Dredd attributes like never removing his helmet, which is a pretty big sacrifice for an actor to make. However, the film didn't take one major Dredd storyline from the comics to use in the film. Rather, it took elements of a story in which Dredd fought against a new drug on the streets, which gifted us an incredibly violent and stunning film. Now that the cinematic Dredd world is established, it might be time for him to take on one of his bigger cases for the sequel. Here are five incredible Dredd stories that could be brought to the screen.

1. The Cursed Earth

If you want an action-fueled story that showcases the crazy world Judge Dredd lives in, then this is the story for you. The Cursed Earth is the name for the area outside the mega-cities, where mutants and horrible creatures live in an irradiated wasteland. In this story, a horrible disease strikes Mega-City Two, the only other safe haven in America, and Judge Dredd is tasked with leading a convoy containing the cure Mega-City One has developed to save its sister city. He must deal with all manner of insane things as the convoy is attacked, and ends up dragging a last piece of the cure through the gates of Mega-City Two on foot. I'd imagine a film version of this in a similar vein to the thrilling Mad Max: Fury Road.

2. The Reign Of Judge Cal

This story would portray how crazy things can get within the walls of Mega-City One. It takes place directly after "The Cursed Earth" story in the comics, when Dredd returned to Mega-City One and finds that in his absence a judge named Cal has taken over as a dictator, ruling the city with an iron fist. As you can see above, he did in fact make a goldfish his second in command. Yep, a lot of people go crazy in the strange world of the 22nd century.

3. The Robot Uprising

The earliest of Dredd's epic stories, this involved the robots who are used in Mega-City One going full I, Robot under the leadership of a robot named Call-Me-Kenneth. It was a quirky story that showcased the weirder elements of Dredd's world, but also included brilliant action as Dredd led the humans against the robot revolution.

4. Judge Death

Of all the strange and wonderful villains who have faced Dredd in the last 40 years, Judge Death is the most well known and dangerous. Hailing from a much darker dimension, where life itself has become a crime, the ghoulish Judge Death goes after any who live. When accidentally brought into Dredd's world, he quickly gets to work making it into the image of his own, and Dredd faces off against him and his fellow judges Famine, War and Fear, making for some incredible action. If you want the greatest Dredd villain, look no further than Death.

5. The Apocalypse War

However, if you're looking for the greatest Dredd story, then this would be it. "The Apocalypse War," and its prologue "Block Mania," lasted 35 issues and was amazing. After the water supplies of Mega-City One are poisoned, all-out war breaks out between the many blocks of the city. Blocks are giant flat buildings, each containing roughly 75,000 citizens. And just as the city began to regain control, the forces of East-Meg One (the Russian equivalent of Mega-City One) took the chance to invade the city in its weakened state. Judge Dredd had to escape and lead a resistance against the Russians, traveling to East-Meg One to destroy it. This story had so much destruction that it could be a Roland Emmerich film, and it's an incredible tale that everybody needs to see on the big screen.

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