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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

Today I watched a new movie by James Wan, most famous by "Insidious", "Conjuring", "Annabelle" etc. And I am about to speak.

WARNING! This post will contain spoilers, so if you haven't watched the movie yet- please, do not read.

I am a big fan of horror movies, not only of today's but also a retro, and can tell what is good and what is bad. In many cases, sequels of horror movies turn out not very successful. BUT, if James Wan is a director- you can be sure that movie will be as perfect as you imagined.

'The Conjuring 2'
'The Conjuring 2'

Every horror film should keep you up. In all ways. You must be ready for a creepy moment or sudden sound or scream, but a GOOD horror movie is unpredictable and the scary thing about it is that you are ready for the thing that won't happen. So when you are waiting OH NOW, NOW SHE WILL OPEN THE DOOR- BOOM! She does not. I tried to be a wise owl and predict main characters' actions, but all I could guess was the boy's move, when he ran to his mother. It is the factor that keeps you wide awake in an emotional meaning. Your body is ready to jump and your heart is about to stop, you try not to breathe because the sound of air in your lungs can disturb the demon. This is how a good horror movie should look like.

Second factor- demon. No blood, no bleeding skin or disgusting moments. On a cover of this post you can see a shot from the movie and a strange figure. It is the main demon that is hunting in the house, he is the reason of my imagination, that tells me that someone is looking at me right now. Brrr.... I like monsters and zombies, but when an ordinary silhouette of something can afraid you- it is much more interesting and breathtaking. And director could reach that effect! Bravo!

Who wants a portrait like this in their room? Hah.
Who wants a portrait like this in their room? Hah.

Atmosphere in horror movies is very important. Little details which make you believe, but that don't jump right into your eyes. For example, when the girl were bitten by an old man, we saw the mark and that some teeth were absent, as it used to be at old-aged men. Little thing, but it makes you believe.

The story behind this couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, can't leave you uninterested. As this movie does. It is a real story that hides in every shot and dialogue. It is a real family and people that survived. It is a real demon that existed, and still exist. It is a real case, that caused James Wan to shoot. I really advise you to read about this amazing family, how brave they were and no matter what they ran to help people.

Rest in Peace, Ed Warren
Rest in Peace, Ed Warren

But a thing that really amused me was the script. The script connects 2 different stories, but in some way they have something in common: Amityville horror and a story of Hodgson family. It is not just a movie where demon fills the girl's body and then priest comes to expel it. No! The story has much more to tell you, BUT I really don't want to tell it. You should see it yourself. 2 different cases of Warren family are represented as one- only because of this movie I understood their connection.

Emotions that you will experience consist not only from fear and suspense, but also of love. It may sound strange and to tell you the truth I hate a romantic line in horror movies. But here, love shows up not in its ordinary role. The troubles that follow the Hodgson family and the way they struggle together gives you hope and positive vibes, that make the watching more easy and light. The way Lorraine takes care of her husband and look in her eyes makes you feel the love. It throws up such an amazing feeling of comfort and hope in the best... And what is more important- love part of the movie does not give a pressure on your mind. It is so casual and natural, so realistic and beautiful.

Horror movie should leave a step in you, even if for a while. Real horror movie will make you think about things in life in different way. Horror movie that is based on a true story should scare you more, because of understanding that paranormal activities are not imaginary, they are not just fairy tales that we used to know, they are not a part of fantasy- it is real, it is dangerous and it can be tamed only by such brave people with a strong belief as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Thank you, James Wan!


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