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Back in 2012, Ridley Scott returned to his most successful and earliest franchise with the hit sci-fi action film, Prometheus, the prequel story to the Alien film from 1979. Prometheus was the first solo film for the franchise in 15 years, after only appearing on screen battling against the other major movie aliens -- Predators -- in the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

The prequel was a major success, both critically and commercially, yet left many unanswered questions that Scott purposely left in order to set up a potential trilogy.

Take a look at the trailer for Prometheus to refresh your memory:

In the years spent on developing the sequel, there were many changes in both plot and cast details. Initially, Scott promised that the infamous Xenomorph would not return for the sequel, and that stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender would reprise their roles for the sequel, with the plot focus being on Rapace's character's search for the "engineers" that potentially created the human race.

However, Scott had confirmed in late 2015 that the title would not be Prometheus 2, but instead would be Alien: Covenant, and would focus on a new crew that come across David (Fassbender) on their discovery of a seemingly uncharted utopia. Scott also confirmed in December 2015 to The Wrap that all of the original creatures would be returning to the sequel, including the "egg, face-hugger, chest-burster, then the big boy," and that Fassbender would indeed be returning to play the synthetic David.

What About Noomi Rapace?

Though she was the main character in the first Prometheus film, and did survive the intense events of the film, Scott stated early this year that Rapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw would not be returning to the sequel. However, Deadline reported on June 20 that Rapace would indeed be returning for Covenant, and is scheduled for one week of shooting in New Zealand. But with such a short schedule, it begs the question just what will be happening with her character?

We See Her in Flashbacks

Seeing as how the synopsis for Covenant still reads that David is the "sole" survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition, it may be that Noomi's scenes will take place in flashbacks. If this is the case, however, it will be interesting to see how her and David part ways. Fingers crossed she simply leaves him to continue her journey to find the engineers, and not that she dies.

She's the Xenomorph's First Victim

We've all seen it in many horror films, where the hero/heroine from the first film tries to warn/help the newest group of victims, only to die themselves (Prime example: Final Destination 2). Rapace may appear early on or in the middle of the film to try and help the new crew of the Covenant or even to try and get their help, only to lose her life in the process.

A Last-Minute Appearance

In addition to seeing hero/heroines return only to die, there is also always the possibility that Noomi could appear in a final scene or after-credits sequence to explain where she is or where she's going whilst all the other death is happening.

After all, Lucas Black was cast to reprise his role in Furious 7, as well as earning his name fairly high up on the cast list, only to appear in the film for roughly five minutes to give Dom the necklace that villain Deckland Shaw left for him at Han's death scene. Given that her shooting schedule is one week, there is a good chance that if she doesn't appear in flashbacks, she can have an extended sequence towards the end of the film, or during the credits.


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