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With Finding Dory making animation history in the USA, the rest of the world are still awaiting one of Pixar's most anticipated animated sequels. With over a month until the movie's global release, fans must for now make do with the little tidbits fed to us via short videos. Although these videos may be short (some even under a minute) one video recently released has stolen the hearts of all internet users: that of a young Dory playing hide and seek with her mysterious parents. Below you can see the video for yourself, just in case you missed what some are calling the cutest video to ever hit the web:

So, to try and compete with the cuteness that is a little Dory, I have compiled 10 of the cutest kids ever created by Disney and Pixar. These little fellows will melt even the coldest of hearts!

1. Bolt

Bolt, both as a puppy and as dog, continues to pull off the puppy-dog-eyes no problem. With those large brown eyes and lopsided floppy ears, how can anybody say no to that face? And the over-sized squeaky carrot only makes this little pup even cuter.

2. Rapunzel

Okay, so Disney is known for creating some of the most adorable royal babies but very few can compete with baby Rapunzel. With her golden locks and over-sized crown, it's a wonder to me that that cruel witch could have steeled her heart and stolen Rapunzel from her beloved family.

3. Elsa, Anna And Kristoff

The royal siblings Elsa and Anna stole the hearts of audiences not too long after Rapunzel. Their carefree demeanor and awesome snow parties got Disney fans everywhere wishing they could join these siblings and help them build a snowman. For a little bonus cuteness, we cannot forget little Kristoff and his trusted stead Sven; although not royalty, they are still loved by all.

4. Koda

Although he really tested Kenai's patience, Koda is the little brother we always wished to have. He may have been annoying and just a tad clingy, but with his childish antics and adventurous spirit Koda has really earned a place on this list. After seeing Koda in On My Way I don't think anyone will ever doubt him again.

5. Arlo And Spot

Although the Good Dinosaur was not the successful film Pixar might have hoped it would be, that still didn't stop them from creating the adorable Arlo and Spot. Brought together in a world plagued by predators, this duo teaches us that friends can be made even in the most unlikely of times (even in prehistory).

6. Merida

A born warrior princess, Merida was always a skilled archer at heart- that is if her fiery curls didn't get in her way. Living in a world of danger, magic and will-o-wisps, young Merida is living the life all little princesses dreamed of.

7. Tod And Copper

Natural born enemies Tod and Copper were raised as brothers. Like cats and dogs, foxes and hounds were never meant to get along, but as pups they stole the hearts of audiences everywhere. This made their eventual separation and reunion even more heart-wrenchingly horrible.

8. Carl And Ellie

Although their time together was short, some say that the story of Carl and Ellie is one of the greatest love stories ever created. It was the mutual love these children shared for the famous Charles Muntz in the movie that sent them on their amazing and outstanding journey. In the brief time we see Ellie and Carl together we watch as this childish friendship blossomed into a love so true, it could break even the darkest of sleeping curses. But, even the purest of loves can be cruelly ripped apart.

9. Simba

Having inspired cat owners around the world and induced the spontaneous singing of "Hakuna Matata" during stressful times, The Lion King, still inspires generations 20 years on. After all this time, the ascension of the young lion cub Simba to King of Pride Rock still ranks as one of the greatest Disney legends.

10. Jack Jack

With a sequel finally on the way, it's still difficult to imagine the unpredictable Jack Jack growing out of his diaper and onesie. With a little tuft of hair on his otherwise bald head and a( literally) fiery personality we couldn't forget to put Jack Jack on this list.

So, there you have it! 10 of the cutest and most adorable little guys ever created by Disney and Pixar. Although each one is on this list for his or her own specific reason we must be honest: baby Dory must be the cutest little fish ever created.


Which one was the cutest?


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