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Sometime last year a new streaming service called Shudder (backed by AMC) appeared on my newsfeed promising a streaming service for only horror movies. Intriguing enough I signed up for the free four-day trial and was not completely blown away. First off it was only available either on an app, on a computer or on Roku. So it was not very convenient for a service that did not have a vast variety of movies to offer. I gave up and semi forgot about it.

Until two-weeks ago I saw an add-on subscriptions to my Prime Video that allowed me to add on Shudder for $4 a month. My horror heart was finally at ease because unlike Shudder on its own I could watch Prime Video virtually anywhere I wanted. So I did what anyone does on a streaming subscription, I spent about an hour going through all the movies they offer until I found a couple worth adding to my watch list. I thought I could make this easier on people, either A) help you decide what movie to go for or B) convince you to subscribe or not.

Shudder is split into horror sub-genres so in order to make this list more targeted I thought I would choose two movies from each sub-genre.


I Saw the Devil

Directed by Jee-woon Kim the master of suspenseful Korean horror. If you are a huge fan of revenge movies this will satisfy you fully.

Sleepaway Camp

Talk about a twist ending. This movie is as cheesy as they come but its almost a rite of passage for any horror fan.


The Innkeepers

Talk about a slow burn. This is probably my least favorite Ti West film but it is definitely worth a watch for any ghost story fan.

Julia's Eyes

This Spanish paranormal thriller will have you questioning your own sanity by the time the mystery is solve.

Psychological Thriller

The Tale of Two Sisters

It was remade in 2009 like most Korean horror movies. The Uninvited does not do it justice so if you did somehow make it through that mush of a movie you need to watch the original material it was inspired by.

Santa Sangre

Directed and written by Alejandro Jodorowksy a master of so many.

Creature Features

Let the Right One In

If you chose to watch this one or the remake you cannot go wrong with either. Although there are things I prefer in the remake the original holds this mystical feeling of childhood and love that the remake never fully captured.


My favorite creature feature.

Horror Comedy

Murder Party

Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room has made its way to a lot of horror fan's top 10 for 2016 but you need to watch one of his first features just to see how great of a director he has become.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

A movie that somehow manages to take itself serious but also make fun of itself is movie worth putting on any top 10 list.


Ichi the Killer

Tokyo Gore Police

Gothic Horror

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

You cannot be a horror fan without watching this movie.

Black Sunday

Liked The Witch? This is a must in any gothic horror lovers collection.

Horror Documentary

Room 237

Nightmares in Red, White & Blue


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