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You guys, what are we going to do after the season finale of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday? So much news has been breaking lately, and while it's mostly in the form of speculation and fan theories, this fun little news bit about Kit Harington and Sophie Turner fell through the cracks a few days ago.

Turns out that the audience weren't the only ones being kept in the dark about Jon Snow not really being dead forever - the rest of the cast was, too. To be fair, Jon Snow's death scene was quite convincing at the time.

Apparently, Harington had everyone completely fooled, so much so that Turner wrote him a really loving, honest goodbye letter when she thought their time together had come to an end. And even then, he didn't let her in on the secret, the actor laughed.

"It was so sweet. It was such a heartfelt letter. [It read] ‘I loved working for you,’ [it was] a really long letter. An adorable letter, and it made me laugh so much...And even after she gave it to me, I didn’t tell her. I read it and said, ‘Thank you so much for the letter.'"
Sansa Stark and Jon Snow reunited
Sansa Stark and Jon Snow reunited

Damn, Kit. That is ice cold. It's almost like some Stark blood runs in your veins or something. (See what I did there? Feel free to marvel at my wit, e'erybody.) Just like a big brother would, Harington continues to tease Turner about it to this day, revealed the actress last month during an interview with This Morning:

"He was like, ‘Your letter’s so funny, I’ve still got it, it’s hilarious.' He does it to just take the mickey out of me now and he shows it to people. I was really gullible. Everybody dies [on GoT], so I thought, 'Another one bites the dust.'"

Poor Sophie. Let's just be glad that Sansa Stark is much more savvy and less naive than Turner, otherwise, the Battle of the Bastards would have turned out very differently.


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