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Whilst the cinematic world may currently be caught up in all the Justice League hype, let's not forget the small-screen outings of everyone's favourite Caped Crusader. FOX's gritty Batman prequel, Gotham, is returning for a third season, and is bringing along some more famous faces for the ride! Focussing on the early days of Jim 'not yet Commissioner' Gordon as he tackles crime in DC's most nefarious city. TV Line reports that actress Jamie Chung will be joining the third season of FOX's Batman origin story Gotham.

Seemingly moving away from the second season's theme of 'villains', the 32-year-old actress joins the show as new addition Valerie Vale. Known for roles in films like The Hangover Part II and III, as well as Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill For, Chung is more used to cinematic acting. However, she is no stranger to our television screens either, portraying Mulan in three seasons of ABC's fairytale drama Once Upon a Time.

A character unique to the show, Valerie Vale will be the aunt of Batman's classic love interest Vicki Vale - just like her niece, Vale will follow journalistic interests by working at the Gotham Gazette. Apparently Vale's role expands as she attempts to uncover the truth following the Season 2 storyline of the Indian Hill facility, where we see the origins of some of Batman's greatest foes. TV Line describes her as:

Gotham Gazette‘s newest hire, Valerie is a crackerjack reporter dead set on uncovering the truth behind Indian Hill. Confident and dogged, she will do anything to get the scoop, and soon sets her sights on Gordon, who she believes is the key lead in her story.

Whilst Valerie is brand new, the character of Vicki Vale is one of DC's earliest additions. Appearing in 1948 during Batman #49, Vale went on to be the Lois Lane to Batman's Bruce Wayne, and one of his best known lovers. This will be the third time that a live-action Vale will be brought to our screens. She was initially portrayed by Jane Adams in the 1949 Batman and Robin serial, then most famously by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman. Whilst absent from the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, versions of VIcki Vale popped up in both Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and the Arkham series of games.

TV Line had previously speculated that it would be Vicki appearing in the world of a young James Gordon, but it now appears we will be getting a whole new expanded Vale family. Gotham returns in September, introducing new characters like Mad Hatter and the Tweedle brothers, as well as Chung joining a recast version of Poison Ivy - promoted to series regular. Whether we will get to see a young Vicki Vale to play a love interest for David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne remains to be seen, but welcome aboard Ms. Chung!

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