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It has been a big day for Warner Bros and DC Comics. While the studio continues to expand the DC Extended Universe this year with their upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad, it looks like WB is getting underway with their massive 2017 blockbuster: Justice League. Though next year does feature the solo film Wonder Woman, which hits theaters next summer, 2017 will also play host to the long awaited film about DC's iconic team. While the film has more than a year before it arrives in theaters that has not stop Warner Bros and the filmmakers from showing off the first details about this massive film. Several press outlets got a chance to see the London set of Justice League, and there both filmmakers as well as actors answered questions about the movie; not to mention reveal some details about the blockbuster. From the reveal of the film's logo to information about the villain, there was no shortage of details about this upcoming superhero film. With so much being discussed about Justice League it was not surprise that one topic centered on the Caped Crusader: Batman.

The Dark Knight returned to the silver screen this year in Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice and will also be making an appearance in Suicide Squad. After this year the hero will then appear in Justice League where he will bring heroes like Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg together for the first time. Being the character that he is it is no surprise that the studio have big things in store for the likes of Batman; and the new information about Justice League definitely indicates WB's faith in the Dark Knight. Not only does Batman bring the League together but the he will also be helping the character in various ways-such as developing tech for members such as the Flash. The studios constant use of Batman may seem excessive, but it does have some bearing to it. Much like what Iron Man is for Marvel Studios Batman's prominence in both DC Comics and Pop Culture s makes sense to use this iconic character as the one to help bridge the DC Extended Universe. While this tactic is not original it remains to useful for both the studio and for the character of Batman.

For years on the silver screen we have seen Batman as the silent protector of Gotham. While his film has featured a variety of allies, the fact of the matter is that Batman's role has always been a narrow one. Seeing Batman play a valued role to other heroes could bring a new and refreshing direction for the iconic vigilante. Plus the idea of Batman helping other heroes benefits the character's direction from what was started in Dawn of Justice. Not only would this direction help to bridge Batman's character from Dawn of Justice to Justice League, but it could also pave the development for the Dark Knight's next solo film. While it will be interesting to see what Ben Affleck does with the next Batman film, it will also compelling to see how the standalone movie plays into the rest of the DC Extended Universe.

Many things can be expected from Justice League and it will be interesting to see how this movie will effects the League members themselves. Depending on the movie's execution this blockbuster could be a beneficial move for the likes of Batman by bringing something new for the character; as well as giving moviegoers a refreshing take on the Dark Knight. Whatever WB and DC have in store for the Caped Crusader, it seems clear that there are big things ahead for Batman and his fellow League members.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.


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