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After reading my article on how to get buffed like Chris Evans, now you are wondering how to make a Captain America shield to show off those muscles. I've scoured the internet looking at different ways people have replicated that iconic shield that Captain America throws at criminals. I've found a few inventive ways, from just starting out as a hero to "Ba-Bam, full blown Marvel superhero! Here are 5 ways on how to make an awesome Captain America shield.

1. Captain America Shield from Duct Tape and Cardboard

Every hero has to start somewhere, right? Pretty much every person has these items tucked away in a garage or shoved in a junk drawer. Here you can make a shield just using cardboard and duct tape. Isn't it amazing what you can do with duct tape? The person made the instructions easy enough for anyone to make from scratch. As a bonus, you can use this shield as a Frisbee! Now everyone in your neighborhood will think you are busting some thugs...or maybe just hanging out with your friends. If you want a safe and easy shield, check out the Frisbee Shield. Go out there, and make those Avengers proud!

2. Captain America Shield from a BBQ Grill

Now you are in training. You've beaten some low level henchmen, and it's time to find some bigger fish. Let's face it. The cardboard shield got a bunch of dents from bouncing it off a few heads, and you left it in the rain. It's sits in the corner of the room like a sad package that someone left on your doorstep. But one day, you are grilling some burgers, and a sudden wind blows the top of your grill into your neighbor's lawn. You go over and pick it up. Brush off the dirt, and hold it close to your chest in all its shiny glory. That's when you realize you got a brand new shield. Want to learn how to transform it into something great? Then read how this guy turned his rusty grill to a polished sight for all to fear.

3. Turn a Metal Sled into a Captain America Shield

All the evildoers in your neighborhood are starting to take notice. They know you are serious about this crime fighting business. You have to walk the walk. You have to step it up with something that will strike fear in the hearts of those who oppose you. That's why I found online an awesome way to take a metal saucer sled that would make any Captain America fan drool. Why didn't I think of this during the winter when I was hitting those snowy hills? This idea is way cooler than shooting down a frozen hill only to walk back up the hill in knee-deep snow! If you want to beat the chill, then learn how to make your saucer sled into a shield.

4. Make an Aluminum Captain America Shield

Guess what, you've made it to the big leagues. You got yourself quite the rogues gallery, and the Avengers have seen some of your stuff on YouTube. You now have to look the part. No more battered shields. No more shields made from scraps around the house. You need a symbol that will show your teammates that you mean business, and you're not some street level hero saving a mom and pop store around the corner. Things just got real. And you need a real Captain America shield that will make Steve Rogers and Tony Stark give you the big thumbs. Check out how this guy got himself some spun aluminum, and made it into a beacon of patriotism for all to see!

5. Who Has the Coolest Captain America Shield?

Captain America is down for the count, and the rest of The Avengers are waiting for you. If you want THE Captain America shield of all Captain America shields, then you will have to fight Stephen Colbert. The shield used to be own by the writer of Captain America, Mike Gruenwald. After Captain America "died" in the comic book, Stephen Colbert discussed it on one of his episodes. The shield came into the possession of Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, who kept it in his office until it was presented to Colbert.

There you have it! 5 ways to make your own Captain America shield! You are on your way to looking like Steve Rodgers.

Which shield design do you like the best?


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