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At first glance, 2017's rebooted Power Rangers was shaping up to be another attempt by Hollywood to make a quick buck on a trending topic. The Power Rangers have always been a part of television folklore, but has lost steam with the modern generation over the course of the last 20+ years. Small leaks consisting of photos and plot have emitted from the set of Dean Israelites reboot. But today we were hit with another major one in the form of Bryan Cranston!

Elizabeth Banks & Bryan Cranston
Elizabeth Banks & Bryan Cranston

Cranston took to social media by announcing he is joining forces with the Rangers by saying:

Shortly after Cranston tweeted this exciting news, The Power rangers official Twitter Page followed suit:

It would appear Power Rangers 2017 is shaping up to be an interesting film to say the least. We are all just now settling back in our seats after the casting news of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. And set photos featuring the Red Ranger in action. But now this...

Cranston is a Six time Emmy Award winner and Oscar Nominee. If anything else, this casting announcement is proof that Hollywood is on a continuing mission to take the world of action films more seriously. But does this also mean, that we are going to start seeing more anime type films being done with some level of authenticity and pride? Only time will tell.

B. Cranston has always been a fan favorite. And will definitely bring something to this film that maybe even this film didn't plan to bring. Cranston is able to embody everything from a silly side, to a very dark and powerful dramatic side. Which should work well with the story that Israelite has hinted, which involves, Zordon initially battling against Rita Repulsa centuries ago with a group of rangers before she is incased in a space sewer and Zordon trapped on Earth, only to return for her arrival and lead five new Rangers in the battle to save the Earth.

Check out some set photos below:

Power Rangers 2017 set photos
Power Rangers 2017 set photos


What do you think of Bryan Cranston being cast as Zordon?


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