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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 6. If you haven't caught up yet, then please go back and return when you've seen every episode yet -- spoilers are coming.

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about how I don't really like to dabble in fan theories, but I must admit that it's becoming quite addictive when it comes to Game Of Thrones. I wrote my first fan theory piece about Arya Stark and even though the theory has since become obsolete, I had so much fun doing it that I now find it hard to stop thinking. This week I've been thinking -- perhaps a little too much -- about the show and what may happen in the remaining episodes. This time, my thoughts are revolving around Meereen and the arrival of a particular character.

The latest episode of Game Of Thrones brought Yara and Theon Grejoy to Meereen. After an audience with Queen Daenerys, they made a deal with her, agreeing to drop their immoral ways and support Dany's claim to the Throne if she helps them to reclaim ownership of the Iron Islands. Ideally, Dany will get the Seven Kingdoms and Yara will get the Iron Islands. However, there is is still a massive question mark over this storyline -- where does this leave Theon?

I've heard whispers online about the character which got me thinking about what the future holds for him, and the potential of him joining Daenerys' Unsullied army. Of course there is the evident similarity in the castration of both parties in question, but allow me to highlight why my theory goes much deeper than that. Bear with me and I'll tell you why Theon becoming a member of the Unsullied is actually a plausible theory.

Theon Has Endured Hardship

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Theon endured heinous torture at the hands of the villainous Ramsay Bolton. This puts him on common ground with the Unsullied as, like Theon, the members of the Unsullied army have led a difficult life. The members were selected when they were no more than five years-old and trained from dusk until dawn everyday -- and this training regime was extremely brutal. They were led to believe that they exist only to follow orders, similar to how Theon was treated by Ramsay.

Theon was also never appreciated and often mocked by his father -- he never saw his son as a true heir and often referred to him as a traitor.


Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

The Unsullied were castrated when they were young boys; the aim was to repress any sexual desires that the men may have had as their only purpose was to serve their masters. Theon was an arrogant, unlikeable character who would almost always be caught in a brothel -- his behavior could've been described as immoral but Theon didn't care and always joked about his love of women.

His castration at the hands of Ramsay was the ultimate punishment for him, as it prevented him from continuing to indulge in his sexual desires. Theon is essentially a different person now, and his mutilation is mainly responsible for this.

Theon is Better at Taking Orders Than Giving Them

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

I think we can all agree that Theon is not a very good leader. Having proved in the past that he's a little too impulsive when it comes to leading an army, perhaps taking orders is something that he'd be much better at. For many years he was faithful and loyal to the Starks, proving that he works well as part of a team. Similarly, he has supported his sister Yara's claim to the salt throne, proving that he has no issue with following orders from a Queen.

Theon Can Relate to the Unsullied

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Theon has often had difficulty relating to any of the characters on the show -- in the earlier seasons he would often mock Jon Snow for being a bastard, but one could argue that he was attempting to detract from the fact that he himself felt like the odd man out. Since his torture completely affected his personality, maybe now is the perfect time for Theon to try something new with people whom he actually shares common traits with.

Moreover, he is constantly mocked about his mutilation so perhaps becoming a member of the Unsullied would allow him to be around people who wouldn't judge or mock him.

What Purpose Does Theon Serve?

Image Credit: HBO
Image Credit: HBO

We've heard several times before about how Theon is not fit to rule due to his castration. However, as much as his physical mutilation causes him torment, he is also emotionally broken. When he arrived back at the Iron Islands, he told Yara that Ramsay broke him and we can clearly see that Theon is a completely different person now than he was in the first season, and that is because of Ramsay.

However, we must remember that he did manage to escape Ramsay's clutches so he obviously still serves a purpose to the show -- but what purpose? He's being incredibly supportive of his sister's claim to the salt throne, but what can he provide if she succeeds?

If Theon were to fight alongside the Unsullied then he would be pledging his allegiance to Daenerys -- a worthy Queen and a worthy cause to fight for. Moreover, it may give him the opportunity to redeem himself for all the trouble that he has caused in the past.

Theon's path may be totally different -- this is nothing more than a theory from a guy who has too much time on his hands. What we do know is that Theon and Yara have a tough road ahead of them as they attempt to reclaim their homeland. With Dany now by their side, they might actually stand a chance of defeating their uncle and taking what is theirs. Where Theon's journey will take him after that remains to be seen.

Do you think Theon will join the Unsullied army? If not, what do you think is next for the character? Tell me in the comments below.


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