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When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series came out back in 1993, it starred a group of new and basically unknown actors as its main characters. The upcoming Power Rangers reboot, based on the original MMPR series, has done the same, casting small actors in the large roles of the Power Rangers team.

Doing this not only allows smaller actors to possibly become household names, but also keeps viewer expectations leveled and gives the movie to rise (or sink) without the help of a big name attached to it. Of course, with a project like Power Rangers, which has become the definition of many people's childhoods, there are of course going to be some pretty big names interested in it.

The first huge name to be attached to the Power Rangers movie was Elizabeth Banks, who signed on to portray Rita Repulsa, the big bad of the film. Rita's casting is almost the biggest casting news to come from the new Power Rangers film, almost.

There is one character whose casting has been more anticipated than that of the Power Ranger's main villain, Zordon. Zordon is the Ranger's greatest ally and their mentor who sends them out on missions each episode. Thanks to some recent casting news, we now know who will be portraying the new version of Zordon in the Power Rangers reboot, and it really is a huge name!

Bryan Cranston Joins The Power Rangers Reboot!

Yes, Bryan Cranston, of Breaking Bad fame, has officially joined the Power Rangers reboot film as Zordon! Cranston is a fitting choice for the role of Zordon, and not just because he used to be bald. Bryan Cranston has proven that he's got the menacing voice and wisdom to mentor the Rangers, as evident by his relationship with Jesse in Breaking Bad. Sure, that relationship didn't turn out so great in the end, but it lasted for a pretty long time.

Cranston's casting as Zordon is pretty exciting news, as I'm sure everyone is excited to see him join the Power Rangers universe. But what if I told you that this isn't his first time interacting with the Rangers?

Bryan Cranston's History With The Rangers

Long ago, when Bryan Cranston was still just beginning his long career in Hollywood, he got the chance to lend his voice to an up and coming American adaption of the Japanese series Super Sentai.

Joining the cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Cranston's first part was as the voice of Snizard, the evil snake/lizard hybrid that would try and destroy the Rangers early in their career.

Bryan Cranston only voiced Snizard for one episode, before he was replaced by Bob Papenbrook for future appearances. But Cranston's time with the Rangers was far from over.

Twin Man

Bryan Cranston's next role on MMPR was much cooler. Cranston portrayed the mysterious villain Twin Man, who possessed the ability to alter the appearance of himself and others, allowing him to impersonate whoever he pleases.

In the episode "A Bad Reflection on You", Twin Man morphed himself and four Putties (members of Rita Repulsa's army) into the Power Rangers, impersonating them and wreaking havoc on the city.

When the real Power Rangers caught wind of this, they quickly defeated Twin Man and the Putties. This was Cranston's last time in the Power Rangers universe, at least for a very long time. Now, he'll be returning to the world of MMPR as an ally of the Rangers, rather than an enemy!

His Influence On The Blue Ranger

Snizard and Twin Man were the only characters that Bryan Cranston voiced in the original Power Rangers, but he didn't leave the show without influencing a pretty important character— one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers themselves!

In an interview with IGN back in 2013, Cranston talked about how the original Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, was actually named after him. It makes sense, seeing as how Brayn Cranston had been working at Saban for a while, he probably knew and influenced a lot of people there who went to work on Power Rangers.

Bryan Cranston still talks fondly of his time at Saban Entertainment, and his time with the Rangers, so I'm sure he's more than excited to be back! I'm still a little mixed on the idea of a Power Rangers reboot, but I've got to say, Cranston's involvement definitely has me thinking better about it!

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