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Vikings is now on its fourth season - and has already been renewed for a fifth - and fans can't seem to get enough of historical characters and their stories. To fill the void left by the Vikings' mid-season break, the History Channel is currently airing Barbarians Rising, and still there's room for more. Knightfall is History's new series, which aims to further enrich the universe of warrior-oriented TV shows.

History's Vikings
History's Vikings

will focus on the Knights Templar, a mysterious and fascinating order from the Middle Ages. Based on the description released by History, Knightfall will bring many realistic characters and a great amount of war and brute force, much like Vikings. The official synopsis for Knightfall offers some insight into the "most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages".

"Knightfall goes deep into the inner sanctum of the clandestine world of this legendary brotherhood of warrior monks. From their battles in the Holy Land, to their clashes with both the King of France and Pope Boniface VIII, to the betrayal that would ultimately lead to their tragic dissolution on Friday the 13th–a date which became synonymous with bad luck–the story of the Knights Templar has never been fully told until now. Knightfall takes you inside the world to find out who these knights were, how they lived, and what they died believing."

The Knights Templar have recently had a very prominent role on the big screen in The Da Vinci Code', setting them as the protectors of both Mary Magdalene's remains and of the true descendants of Jesus Christ. As Templar history goes, they're said to have been the protectors of the Holy Grail and to have held some dangerous church secrets, since the Knights were originally monks themselves.

via History
via History

Simon Merrells (Spartacus), Bobby Schofield (Black Sails) and Padraic Delaney (The Tudors) have already been cast in Knightfall. Also joining the ensemble are Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden (Downtown Abbey) and Sabrina Bartlett (Da Vinci's Demons).

The production for the 10-episode series will be set in Croatia and Czech Republic, and has Jeremy Renner - a.k.a. Hawkeye - as executive producer.

Between harboring dark secrets, being shrouded in mystery and serving as the first banking institutions of history, the Knights Templar will definitely offer a rich history for Knightfall to draw from.

As of yet, History hasn't released an official premiere date for Knightfall.

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