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It's been rumored for a while now, and today Supergirl fans got the fantastic news - Lynda Carter is coming to National City!

This is huge news for superhero fans - many of whom will always look at Carter and see the original live-action Wonder Woman. Cathy Lee Crosby may have technically beat her to that coveted first spot, but let's face it: Crosby's character was Wonder Woman in name only. Her pilot movie was a major flop, whereas Wonder Woman was the hit that catapulted Carter to stardom.

Now, as Supergirl flies to her new home on the CW (to be with the rest of the Arrow family!), Carter will be joining her - and re-joining the world of live-action DC comics. Obviously, Carter will not be reprising her iconic role (or donning that spangly one-piece). Not only is the CW staying away from DC's holy trinity, but we've got a new Diana Prince now - Gal Gadot, who was one of the brightest spots in the divisive Batman Vs Superman.

Instead, Carter will be appearing as the President of the United States, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Carter will have a recurring role, and will first hit our screens in the third episode of the season. It seems that although Supergirl has wanted to bring Carter aboard for some time, there were some concerns that Carter's schedule wouldn't allow it. Luckily, it seems like the stars (and calendars) have aligned to bring her back to DC on TV.

This news also means that Kara is moving up in the world - and that rather than just dealing with the local branch of the DEO, she'll be reporting to the President. It's also nice to see that despite the inevitable changes that a new network will bring, the show will remain female fronted, with Carter as yet another woman in a position of power.

We'll have to wait and see what else Season 2 of Supergirl will bring, but if this casting choice is anything to go by, it's going to be a fantastic fall!


How stoked are you to see Lynda Carter as President?


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