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Recently, tracklist for the Suicide Squad soundtrack was announced, and it's garnered nearly as much buzz as the movie itself.There are many that truly hate the more urban theme it has, and others praising its edgier style. It really is an album so diverse that it's really hard to compare to anything we have seen, especially from a DC. If there is any song on the album that really captures the essence of the Suicide Squad its "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots. The track was released some time ago, but Warner Brothers has just released the official video to go along with it. The video not only has the band going through Belle Reeve, but it also gives us some new footage we haven't seen before.

In the new video we see lead singer Tyler arrive in Belle Reeve. We witness as he goes from cell to cell and this gives us a glimpse at each member of the squad. These quick flahes don't offer any big reveal towards the story, but anything really is great when you're anticipating a film of this scale. The film is still more than a month out, and with no new trailer expected, we have to do with anything we can get. In one of the new clips revealed, we get to see more of Harley's scene in that cage where she does the most Harley thing ever, some gymnastics.

We not only get to see her being Harley in the cage, but also her being dragged out in a strapped chair. The other members we see as well be dragged out of their cell are Killer Croc and Deadshot. Apart from that, there isn't anything else we see from the music video that we haven't already from the trailer. We see almost all of the member with the exception of Slipknot, only adding fuel to the speculation that he dies early on in the film. The lack of Enchantress also leads me to believe that she may not be part of the team, and instead be one of the antagonists. I also want to point out that the Joker is nowhere to be seen in the music video as well, so there's something to think about.

The music video overall was a great promotional piece for the film and the song fits so well. We are more than a month away from seeing this film on the big screen and the album will follow the same release date. If you do pre-order it now on Itunes, then you will be treated to free download of Heathens as well. You can check out the music video below for Heathens to hold you over until the release of Suicide Squad later this summer.


Suicide Squad Arrives In Theaters August 5 2016



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