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In April, Game of Thrones fans found out just how much more Westerosi goodness we could expect to see as producers discussed the remaining two seasons of the hit show. Not only did we find out that GoT will potentially wrap up after only eight seasons, but that the remaining two seasons of the show will be shorter than usual, with only 13 more episodes planned.

Despite this heartbreaking (if not totally unexpected) revelation that our favorite medieval fantasy is wrapping up soon, there's some good news for those who want to celebrate the fandom before the end: Game of Thrones will be getting a stand-alone convention in 2017.

Named 'Con of Thrones' (of course it is), the event is brought to us by Watchers on the Wall, a massive fansite devoted to the show. The site features articles and a forum area for fans to rave about the show, and on Sunday, they announced an upcoming convention in Nashville next summer. Presumably, if successful, this will return in 2018. However, with the show coming to an end after that, this might not become an annual event. Of course, it's possible that the show's popularity will continue when the main run is done - and we could even see a Star Trek-style extension of the franchise with spin-offs, movies, and multiple conventions in the future!

As of right now, there are few details on the convention, other than the location and date (June 30th), but you can sign up for the e-mail list now, and the website for the convention will launch next month. Both are sure to be filled with punny goodness, if the sign-up is anything to go by. Fans "send a raven to the citadel" in order to sign up, which is the kind of detail that we love to see!

As with any fandom-specific con, we're hoping to see some truly incredible guests and panels, including appearances by the actors on the show and the master himself: George R R Martin. (Of course, Martin might be too busy finishing the series, but we can always dream!) Cosplayers will undoubtedly be out in force, although the Nashville weather might make Khaleesi and Dorne costumes a little more practical than re-creations of the Night's Watch uniforms or Sansa's latest fur-trimmed cloak.

As more news develops, we'll keep you informed about guests and events surrounding the con. In the meantime, there are two more episodes of Season 6 to enjoy, and we cannot wait to find out what happens!


What would you most like to see at Con of Thrones?


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