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Celebrity apologies are normally anything but, although Selma Blair has bucked the non-apology trend by saying sorry for her mid-flight meltdown in the realest and most frank way.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the Cruel Intentions star explained how mixing alcohol and medication caused her to lose her grip on reality, she said:

"I made a big mistake yesterday. After a lovely trip with my son and his Dad, I mixed alcohol with medication, and that caused me to black out and led me to say and do things that I deeply regret. My son was with his Dad asleep with his headphones on, so there is that saving grace. I take this very seriously, and I apologize to all of the passengers and crew that I disturbed and am thankful to all of the people who helped me in the aftermath. I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes and am filled with shame over this incident. I am truly very sorry."

While the internet can often be a terrible hell-hole when it comes to judging people anonymously, Blair's incident really seemed to strike a chord with those who have had similar experiences. The comments on Selma's Instagram account really are enough to warm the cockles of the heart.

Although Blair did not specify which medication she was taking, some sources are speculating that it could have been the anti-insomnia drug Ambien which is well-known for causing bizarre behavior when mixed with alcohol.

It's refreshing to hear a celebrity apologize for their actions in such a clear, frank no-bullshit kind of way, Justin Bieber could definitely learn a thing or two from Selma!

If you hearing her name again has got you wanting to see this wonderful woman in action once more, I highly recommend her turn as Kris Jenner in American Crime Story. She slays it.

Do you think Selma's apology seems genuine?

(Source: Vanity Fair)


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