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We haven't got long now until the release of Star Trek Beyond, and it's shaping up to be a great addition to the franchise's long history. And Trek's legacy is exactly what the filmmakers are drawing from — there are some interesting details in the film which are strikingly similar to Deep Space Nine, and we've already spotted a little Easter Egg which calls back to the original Star Trek films.

It's clear that writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin are dedicated to honoring Trek's legacy, and they're doing so in a really interesting way when it comes to the characters themselves.

Spock and Bones team up with Jaylah
Spock and Bones team up with Jaylah

Specifically, Beyond will move away from the relationship between Kirk and Spock to focus more on Spock and Bones, which could be one of the strongest aspects of the film. These two characters, although polar opposites in many ways, had an amazing dynamic in The Original Series, and their contrasting perspectives were vital to the show's success.

Developing Their Relationship

In a recent interview with Collider, Karl Urban talked about how Spock and Bones will be thrust together in Beyond, forcing them to bond more as crew mates.

"As you know, the crew gets fractured, and I end up spending quite a bit of time with Spock. We really developed that relationship; and experience things and events together that bring us close together, and allow for a deeper understanding. To me, that’s what makes this so interesting."

This won't be the first time Spock and Bones were marooned together on an alien planet, leading to a greater understanding between the two of them. That's been the staple of several episodes of The Original Series, and they're definitely some of the best. We already caught a glimpse of these moments in the Beyond trailer, as Spock and Bones contemplate the fear of death. Injured and in a poor state, Spock seems to be losing faith in their mission, as Bones argues for the value of survival.

"Fear of death is what keeps us alive."

It's a small moment, but absolutely vital to showing their different perspectives — and Pegg seems to have nailed the disparate aspects of Spock and Bones's characterizations.

Gene Roddenberry intended Spock and Bones to be the head and heart, respectively, of the Enterprise, and so the two characters often sparked off each other, with their bickering forming much of the humor in The Original Series.

Unfortunately, this comedic potential hasn't been explored fully in the reboot films yet, but with Spock and Bones being thrown together more hopefully we'll get to see some of these classic burns in Beyond.

And yet, beneath their apparent dislike of each other ran a strong current of mutual respect. They may have had their disagreements, but Spock and Bones cared very deeply for each other, which became more apparent in the original films — Spock even chose Bones to mind meld with just before his death, so Bones could carry on Spock's legacy. He wasn't totally happy about this, though...

"That green blooded son of a bitch."
"That green blooded son of a bitch."

When it comes down to it, the relationship between Spock and Bones is one of the pillars of The Original Series, as we slowly saw them go from bickering adversaries to close friends. They have a unique perspective on each other, and all the dilemmas the Enterprise perpetually finds itself in, with Bones arguing compassion as Spock dispenses logic.

With Beyond focusing more on the relationship between these two characters, it seems more and more as though this film will go back to what made The Original Series great, and we can't wait to see Spock and Bones bantering together again.

Do you have a favorite Spock and Bones moment?

"How does that Vulcan salute go?"
"How does that Vulcan salute go?"

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