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Seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together is like slowly figuring out the pieces of a complex puzzle — even for those who have read the comic books, some heroes have so many storylines that it's far from obvious which plot elements will make it onto the big screen. Take Captain Marvel, whose movie adaptation was recently announced with Oscar winner Brie Larson as the frontrunner for the title role: Just by looking at Carol Danvers's comic book history, you've got enough events to build a cinematic universe of its own.

Sifting through the many achievements of Colonel Danvers, which ones do we actually want to see on the big screen? Here are 7 moments that would fit greatly into the MCU as we know it, and will also give you the perfect overview of the character if you're not so familiar with her yet.

1. When She Was Turned Into A Kree Hybrid

From Carol Danvers to Ms. Marvel / Marvel Comics
From Carol Danvers to Ms. Marvel / Marvel Comics

This one's just obvious: That's how Colonel Danvers was actually turned into the superhero who would later go on to take the Captain Marvel mantle! Even if the movie isn't an origins story — since it seems like Marvel has been shying away from these lately — let's hope they give us at least a recap on how she actually gained her powers.

Carol Danvers started out in the US Air Force, where she met Dr. Walter Lawson, a.k.a. the first Captain Marvel, a Kree hero actually named Mar-Vell who was sent to spy on Earth. The day an old Kree robot explodes, Carol Danvers is turned into a human-Kree hybrid, which gives her her powers. Later, she develops different levels of these superpowers (always matched by her superhero aliases).

2. Her Friendship With Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel / Marvel Comics
Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel / Marvel Comics

Beyond the fact that the two are an awesome pair, seeing Jessica Jones make at least an appearance in the Captain Marvel movie would bring the movie and television universes perfectly together. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg actually revealed that Carol Danvers was set to be included in Jessica Jones, but it was eventually Trish Walker who took the spot as Jessica's friend and confidant.

And while it's not like one can have too many blonde friends to count on, what's most important about the inclusion of the Jessica-Carol relationship in the MCU is that it could actually lead to Captain Marvel asking the Defenders for help in the great war against Thanos in Infinity War — Part Two.

3. When She Hung Out In Space With The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Captain Marvel (2016) #1 / Marvel Comics
Captain Marvel (2016) #1 / Marvel Comics

This is another superhero overlap that would make perfect sense in the MCU: while Captain Marvel was born on Earth and usually fights there, her powers came from an alien planet, and it wasn't long before she put them to use in space. In the first issue of the new Captain Marvel comic series that was just recently released, we see her getting sent to a space station for two years — where she meets Rocket, our beloved raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since Ronan, the blue-skinned guy who wouldn't leave the Guardians alone in their first movie, is a Kree, Captain Marvel's link to the Kree through her powers would be a great opportunity to get these heroes together. The Guardians have been a bit on their own in the MCU so far, but as we're moving closer to Infinity War, it'd be nice for them to get properly introduced to the rest of the super crew. After all, even Kevin Feige insisted that Captain Marvel's powers were "based in the cosmic realm."

4. That Time She Got Into A Petty Argument About The Captain Marvel Mantle

Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers / Marvel Comics
Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers / Marvel Comics

As is usual in the Marvel Universe, one superhero mantle can be picked up by a bunch of heroes — although it doesn't often happen that the previous one in charge is still around to be upset about it. Carol Danvers was first named Ms. Marvel, but she also carried the aliases Warbird and Binary, the latter corresponding to the time she leveled up with the power to manipulate gravity and light.

While the initial Captain Marvel was the Kree Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau also used the name for a while, before changing it to Photon, Pulsar and later Spectrum. And it seems like she didn't really appreciate Major Danvers not letting her know that the Captain Marvel label had changed owners. It might seem trivial, but including that kind of moment in the movie would be a fun way to clarify things while also poking fun at how complex the Marvel mantle list can be.

5. When She Battled Alcoholism

Carol Danvers won't fool Iron Man / Marvel Comics
Carol Danvers won't fool Iron Man / Marvel Comics

Albeit a brief part of the Carol Danvers story, her struggle with alcoholism is as much a relatable sign of weakness for such a powerful superhero as it gives Tony Stark the opportunity to bond with her. When she loses her cosmic powers, Danvers takes up the Warbird alias and enters a phase of depression where she regularly turns to the bottle. She ends up being kicked out of the Avengers, but Tony Stark helps her pull through.

6. The Fact That She Agrees With Tony Stark On The Superhuman Registration Act

They might not always be on good terms, but there's more than the battle with alcoholism to Danvers and Stark's relationship: in the comic version of the Civil War opposing the Avengers, Ms. Marvel actually agrees with Tony Stark on the question of the Superhuman Registration Act and goes on to lead their team under the name of the Mighty Avengers. It makes sense for her to side with the government, considering she's a US Air Force Major and later an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Department of Homeland Security.

Bringing her in after the events of Captain America: Civil War would fill the gap left by the scattered Avengers, for they could all use her powers.

7. Her Flirty Relationship With Spider-Man

Flirting in 'Siege: Spider-Man #1' / Marvel Comics
Flirting in 'Siege: Spider-Man #1' / Marvel Comics

Yes, you read that right: Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man flirted in the "Dark Reign" and "Siege" storylines, although the feelings came more from Carol's side than Peter's. It didn't go any further than one date, but since a new and incredible Spider-Man was just recently introduced to the MCU, a nod to the flirt in Captain Marvel's movie would be pretty sweet.

Captain Marvel is set for release March 8, 2019.

What are you hoping to see in the Captain Marvel movie?


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