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With 7 seasons and no less than 235 episodes, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time has provided us with plenty of relatable quotes — one of the most famous ones being Jake's "Sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something."

But of all the life lessons, there's one thing that Jake has taught us particularly well: Food is where it's at. From making bacon pancakes to putting together an everything burrito, Jake knows that when someone's hungry, nothing should go in their way. Here are 9 times Jake's resolve to fill his stomach has echoed our own obsession with food.

1. 'The Witch's Garden,' Season 1 Episode 14

Should you really stop eating because your stomach is full? You can't just leave your subconscious hanging!

2. 'Dungeon,' Season 1 Episode 18

Why make complicated wishes when you could have some food? Jake knows there's few things better than a sandwich (except for maybe a burrito).

3. 'The Pods,' Season 2 Episode 13

Imagine an ice cream maker that doesn't even require any ingredients? How could that not be the goodest thing ever?

4. 'Conquest of Cuteness,' Season 3 Episode 1

It's hard to decide which of the bacon pancakes or the everything burrito would be Jake's iconic food, but why pit them against each other? Both are delicious. If you're not familiar with the concept of an everything burrito, it's pretty simple: It's a burrito that contains everything, edible and normally non edible items alike, including a pumpkin, a frying pan and a waffle. Unfortunately, Jake wasn't able to enjoy this miracle of a sandwich as he suspected it was poisoned by the Cuties, and ended up burying it.

5. 'Jake The Dog,' Season 5 Episode 2

Again, always ask for a sandwich when you can. (And even when you can't.)

6. 'The Pods,' Season 2 Episode 13

There's a lot of ice cream action going on in "The Pods," and thankfully Jake is not going to let any to go to waste. He even saved the Mushroom people hours of work when their town was covered in ice cream.

7. 'Ricardio The Heart Guy,' Season 1 Episode 7

If you're a true food lover, you don't hate on your round little gut.

8. 'I Remember You,' Season 4 Episode 25

While this quote goes further than food, it also proves that making bad biscuits is just never a good idea.

9. 'Red Starved,' Season 5 Episode 38

This one I want to put on a T-shirt, so everyone around me can read it as a warning.

What's your favorite quote from Adventure Time?


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