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Days before the fourth season finale of the Sci-Fi show Orphan Black was due to air, it was announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth and final season. While this came as a shock to myself and many others in the fandom, many agreed that while we'd be sad to see it go, it was the right thing to do. The show wasn't cancelled as such, I reckon that BBC America would have quite happily kept it going. It was a creative decision between the show's creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson to end the show at season 5, which is refreshing because there are too many shows that are flogging a dead horse but are still on the air and I'm happy that Orphan Black won't have the same fate.

If there's one thing that you can always guarantee when watching Orphan Black it's the consistent levels of drama and action. It's a fast paced show that can sometimes leave you on the edge of your seat because of its twists and turns. Not much time has passed between the first episode of season 1 and the most recent episode of season 4 for the clones and that's what makes the show so enjoyable to watch, because it's quick and to the point and I'd hate for the show to lose that pace if was to continue for another few seasons.

The writing is brilliant and has explored a lot of the conspiracies that can come with human cloning: mad scientists, evil corporations, zealous religious extremists and military involvement but season 4 took us way back to its roots with bringing back the scientific movement that started it all, Neolution. The clones learned more about their heritage and their genetic make up with their creator Susan Duncan during season 4 and I can't see what else the writers can possibly put the clones through that would make sense. The season 4 finale didn't feel like the finale, but the Neolution story line does. It feels like a homecoming; the clones have been through hell and this seems like their final hurdle to get over in order to live semi-normal lives. It's a strong place to end it and a good chance to give the characters a shot at peace.

The main reason I don't want the show to end is because of the characters. The writers have created these amazing and loveable characters that are an absolute joy to watch each episode. But the characters wouldn't mean anything without the actors. The acting in this show is phenomenal. Tatiana Maslany, who has played over 10 different clones, brings such depth to show and an amazing attention to detail. So much so, I often forget that it's her playing all these different characters. However, it's exactly this reason why I think Orphan Black ending is a good thing. She has more than proven herself to be an incredible actress on the show and I hope that other people have seen it too. I can't wait to see her working on other projects because she'll be just as good.

Ultimately, I think the right decision has been made. It's bittersweet. But I'm happy that the creators are ending the show on a high and also thankful for BBC American for giving the show its run and allowing Orphan Black to tell its story. While I'll miss everything about the show, it's refreshing to see some pragmatism when it comes to really good television. I'm excited to see what season 5 brings and how they will bring it all to a close.


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